Book Press Release: The White Lies Black People Believe by Alfred Ali

The White men of America have always been the educator of most Black men and women ever since the Blacks landed in this country. Black people were not allowed to read or write, and the LIES that were instilled in their minds have enslaved them more than the physical slavery. For example, there were lies that Black people are Negroes, were swinging on trees and did not have a culture, history or religion. The White man said he brought us here to benefit our lives, but instead he robbed us of our identity with orchestrated lies. Even some Blacks still believe those lies to this very day. The lies go on and do not end with the Blacks. Even the Indians (Native Americans) are the savage ones and the White men brought civilization. "Sure! Who are you kidding?" The truth is, the result of all these lies created monumental social problems still present with us today. When you rob a man of his identity, take away his will, break up his family, and remove his hope; the only thing left is an empty shell.

The current mental and spiritual state of the Black person's mind indicates that these lies are still prevalent in the Black community. Think about this saying that; "Blacks can not go to heaven until after they die while the White man lives in heaven everyday."  "Jesus was a White man," says the White folks. And they killed him so you should follow him. It is obvious that the White man robbed the Black men and women of their heritage, culture, history, economy and religion through lies. Now, it is time to learn the truth. Only the truth will set all of us free!

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