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The Psychology of the Artist by Sheldon Cholst. M.D. (published by Beau Rivage Press, New York, 307 pages, $14.95).

The result of research studies have proved beyond doubt that human immune system plays a major part in the body's physiological state, determining whether it remains healthy or ravaged by diseases. Prior to this time and before AIDS attacked human race, immunologists believe that cancer develops everyday from the complicated amino acid chains of events taking place inside the cells. The biochemical and immunological abnormalities are influenced majorly by environmental factors. But, the body's repair mechanisms take care of these cellular aberrations and people remain cancer free. At a point and time when the immune system is dysfunctional or overloaded, these physiological aberrations, predispose human body to disease manifestations, including cancer.

Dr. Sheldon Cholst, in his book The Psychology of the Artist describes a series of psycho-social theories on how human unhealthy state of mind can make the body sick. He describes his theories of how cancer is caused by unusual reaction to environmental stress; theory of human evolution of diseases -- from an aquatic animal, which adapted to a terrestrial life; and of how different types of lifestyles either make people sick or healthy. The book discusses a lot about creative people, who are referred to as the "artists" --- their lifestyles, their different perceptions of the world, and their health. He indicates that the happiest person is the healthiest person.

This book will show the reader how to live a longer, happier, and healthier life by changing thought patterns and different ways of dealing with and processing negative events in life. He indicates that the most negative people are more prone to diseases than very positive and happy people.

Psychology of the Artist is a very wonderful book by a physician, written to help heal human body and the mind. The author explains the processes of developing and treating psychosomatic illnesses or the diseased mind before manifestation into serious diseases. (Dr. Sheldon Cholst, (212)-989-1625)