Dr. Samuel Banks Speaks! by Collis D. Patterson

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A collection of Dr. Banks most recent writing just before his death in 1995.

Dr. Samuel L. Banks was the director of social studies in the Baltimore City Schools. He spearheaded the incorporation of multicultural curriculum in the school system and had national influence in this area. Dr. Banks was also a widely published author. His many essays and letters to the editor stimulated discussions about education, history, African Americans, civil rights, and the administration of justice in this country. In this collection of his most recent writings, Dr. Banks discusses such timely topics as the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and the jubilation in South Africa at the end of Apartheid.

Collis D. Patterson is a public school teacher in the Baltimore City Schools who single-handedly published this book with no help from big time publishers.

This is selected writings of Dr. Samuel Banks from 1990-1995, edited by Collis D. Patterson

This book publication was sponsored by Association for the Study of Life and History, Baltimore Chapter, the black Caucus of the Baltimore Teacher's Union.

Dr. Samuel Banks is a renowned expert on multicultural and multiethnic education.


"His sincere and gentle concern for the students and staff of schools, especially those in Baltimore City, gave us the comfort that comes from knowing that another human being cares."

Jacqueline Frierson, Ed.D.

For additional information, and purchase of this book, please contact Mr. Collis D. Patterson at (410)-521-3040. Interested person may also write to Mr. Patterson at the following address; ASALH, Baltimore Branch, P.O. Box 67582, Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Book Price: $10.95

ISBN # 0-9661980-0-X

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