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April 1, 1998

Power of the Panties Fails Commonsense Prevails!

President Clinton Victorious, Paula Jones Loses Her Case

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A shock wave ran through the country this April Fool's day of 1998 when the Paula Jones's sexual harassment charge against President Clinton was tossed out of the court window by George Susan Wright in Arkansas. She made her decision on legal grounds that Paula Jones did not suffer from any adverse job effect, or any emotional damage as a result of her alleged experience with President Clinton when he was the governor of Arkansas.  And the criminal conduct allegation was over-stretching the issue, to say the least.

What is sexual harassment?

This case brings the reality of actual sexual harassment to test, and in this situation it failed. Sexual Harassment was brought about not because men were making unwarranted sexual advances towards women -- that was a stretch. People who know the history remember that sexual harassment law ensued after the women's liberation movement of the 1970s when some women declared both social, economic and sexual freedom. Prior to that time, male managers and supervisors were using their corporate positions to forcing women working under them to trade sexual favors for either job promotion or for the women to retain their jobs. At that time some women actually loved it because the pretty ones had advantage over the homely ones. Some women love competing with other women for their male bosses' attention. Even some female movie stars bragged about their determination to  getting a role in a movie even if they have to lay on their back. The power of the "casting couch" came to light in Hollywood. Similarly on the job, some women would not hesitate to use their panties to collect a raise or promotion from their male bosses. It was then referred to as, "sleeping your way to the top." This is not to say it was a good thing, because some of the women especially married ones felt forced and had no way to fight back. Things got worse when bosses were trading their secretaries and even married women for sexual favors to their business partners as fringe benefits.

However, since the law was in place, women have over-stretched this job offense from anything like giving a nice compliment, to the way a man looks at a woman. As a result women became empowered to use sexual harassment against men bosses and even their male co-workers -- to a situation where a love affairs went bad and the women wanted to get even. The "power of the panties" became a powerful weapon. Many men lost their jobs over false and unsubstantiated allegations because institutions were afraid of lawsuits.

Judge Wright's decision today will wakeup women and institutions to think twice before trumpeting sexual harassment charges against men. Many people don't understand that, it is not against the law to ask anybody for sex, depending on how you ask. For many years, women have unspoken ways for asking men for sex. The revolution of blonde hair came to American society because of the fantasy illusion created that every gentle man prefers a blonde woman.The push-up bras display women's chest glory for men's attention. And why are women always wearing these short skirts and tight pants around men? Some women actually admitting doing this either to attract male's attention, or to boost their own sexual egos. Men are being sexually harassed everyday when women wear low-cut blouses with their boobs sticking out like over-ripped oranges and leaving the nipples to imagination. Some women sometimes go without underwear torturing the hell out of men for their amusement. Today, some women are even more aggressive than men regarding sex. And so the good judge made the right decision.

Paula Jones's case lacks common sense

The public may be shocked about the swiftness of the decision and Rush Limbaugh may be weeping in his sleep, but many people understand that this case against President Clinton has no legal leg to stand upon. Perhaps, it was part of a political stunt to embarrass the President.

Sexual harassment ensued when a woman was subjected to have sex with his male boss to receive a raise or promotion, or being placed under a hostile environment due to the boss's persistent demand for sex -- leading to financial loss or adverse job action because she refuses to yield to his demand. It has nothing to do with a  woman crying over a man giving her compliments about her appearance, or legs, or other comments, or even the man asking for a date for goodness sake!

Obviously, Paula Jones enjoys being with men and has used the male tool for her pleasure and to get pregnant. Some women love to have sex with celebrities, that's why sport and movie stars including other male celebrities don't have problems in sexually attracting women. Although Paula Jones can argue her case that, she is not that type of a woman, but she can't escape the legal argument to support her fictitious aversion for the President's male organ. Most women will be jumping up for joy if they saw the genital of a celebrity. Likewise, men will be happy to see naked bodies of female celebrities. How can she be traumatized so badly because she allegedly saw a male organ of a celebrity?  And she deserves thousands of dollars for compensation because of emotional distress ---  is a very difficult argument to win before any jury! She could have been pleasantly surprised if the event happened at all, but to be traumatized seemed very unlikely and obviously ridiculous. Consequently, the case was tossed out of the court.

The sadness of Paula Jones's case is the implication for other women who will find it harder to prove  cases of true sexual harassment on the job. Similarly, rape used to be an easy case for women to prove in court. Then, she never had to drop her panties, all she had to do was to make the allegation and started crying and the man went to jail. Later women started using it as a weapon to put men in jail after a disagreement, and many innocent men spent long years in jail. Now, a case of rape is harder to prove in court because, sometimes even some women admitted to preferring rough sex!

Commonsense prevails

Thanks Judge Susan Wright for bringing America back to commonsense from ignorance. Sadly, Paula Jones used the President's national position to gain popularity over a ridiculous allegation. The media took the case and ran with it like they did the O.J. Simpson's trial. Many false unsubstantiated pieces of information were disseminated through the media. Yet, after O.J. Simpson's trial, people thought that the media would have learned a lesson. The public is getting tired of tabloid journalism in contrast to news presentation, people are beginning to tuned out the media. Has the main media finally learned its lesson?

Kenneth Starr

Based on the decision of Judge Wright tossing out Paula Jones's sexual harassment charge against the President, Kenneth Starr -- the special prosecutor has no case beyond the Whitewater. What is left is legal technicality. Kenneth Starr brought Monica Lewinsky and other people before the Grand Jury because of the information from the discovery process in Paula Jones's case. Paula Jones's case is dead-- for now based on a judge's decision. The implication of her ruling was that, a charge should never have been brought against the President of the United States to begin with-- that is the reason why the case was never allowed to go to the jury.   If the materiality of Kenneth Starr's case against the President was predicated upon Paula Jones's case, it is a double jeopardy to bring a legal action against  the President after Jones's case has been tossed out of court and the President prevailed. If there was no Paula Jones's case, there would have been no discovery phase putting the President in a hostile situation. As a result, it becomes more difficult from the legal point of view  for anybody to use information from that deposition successfully against the President. Kenneth Starr can try do anything he wants. He can drag Mrs. Clinton to the Grand Jury, or President Clinton's dog, or even charge the ghost of Clinton's mother, his chances of success will led to his files being buried in the museum of ridiculous lawyers.

Back with America's pride

Although the Supreme Court made a terrible error for allowing a civil suit against a sitting president to go on. It took a sensible judge to toss it out of the window, and gives America back its pride. The President of the United States should not be a target for women gold diggers and Paula Jones should be ashamed! Finally, "the power of the panties" has been crippled -- thank goodness!     God bless America!!!!!

by 'Yinka Vidal

Lara Publications, St. Louis, Missouri