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Divine Light Eternal Life by Ralph Kish (published by Visionary books, Fort Lauderdale, 182 pages, $11.95).

God is not a physical being like we want to believe; He is a very intricate collection of giant energies whose strength is beyond human imagination. Human limited perceptions based primarily on physical existence preclude us from tapping deeper into our spirituality, let alone understanding our immortality and prior existence. Our minds have been poisoned by material things and those things that are pleasurable only to the flesh, thereby robbing us of in-depth spiritual perception and experience.

There is no argument that humans exist on two levels (body and spirit) and that our journeys in life open up in stages. It is necessary to deny the body temporarily in order to attain spiritual wholeness or attain a higher level of spiritual perception. Once we understand that our life existed prior to physical manifestation on this earth, and that the time on earth is temporary and will lead us into another dimension, death becomes less painful and, indeed may be a welcoming experience as a journey into the next dimension. This should not encourage us to embrace suicide, but to make the best use of the time while on earth to do the most good we can afford, instead of dwelling in chaos, hate, war, and destruction.

Consequently, in search of our spiritual existence, Divine Light Eternal Life is paramount to help ignite that energy within, bringing us to a higher plane of existence. The book is a collection of divine experiences by the author, which for others will be spiritual awakening. Undoubtedly, everybody can attain that higher spiritual experience of which joy transcends anything experienced in physical body. The author is able to relate how he experience a spiritual euphoria, healing, and eternal joy from a state of spiritual serenity.

It makes no difference to what religious affiliation you belong, this book will help to enrich your spiritual perception. A wonderful story of human immortality and joy. (Ralph Kish, (954)-567-1110)

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