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Silver dental fillings are dangerous to your health!


Mercury FREE, The wisdom behind the global consumer movement to ban SILVER dental fillings.

As one of the dentists in the world who has never placed a common "silver" (mercury) dental filling in a patient, Dr. James Hardy has written a book explaining why dental mercury should be banned. The book is titled MERCURY-FREE ... The wisdom behind the global consumer movement to ban "silver" dental fillings. These fillings called amalgams, contain 50% to 70% mercury, which is more poisonous than lead or arsenic.

The World Health Organization (WHO), concluded that the largest source of mercury exposure in the general population, is by far dental amalgams. The WHO also said There is no safe minimum dose of mercury. "Symptoms are known to occur at least among some of the population, at every level of exposure." Mercury's ill effects range from headache to madness to death.

Mercury-Free is written in an easy-to-digest vignette format. The book's markets are dental consumers, health-care workers, the environmentally conscious, and concerned parents. The book is fully supported by more than 350 scientific references, and includes letters from people who have gone from sickness to health by becoming mercury-free.

Medical and environmental consequences of mercury exposure are covered. Practical advice is given on how to become mercury-free by using safer, stronger replacements for amalgam. The American Dental Association's (ADA), intimate, continuing involvement with amalgams, and its efforts to down play and even mislead the public on mercury's dangers are exposed. The few other books dealing with this issue are either difficult to understand or heavily anecdotal and are currently not available in mainstream bookstores.

Timing is perfect for Mercury-Free. Consumers are playing a more active role in their own health-care. Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Austria will have banned dental amalgams by the year 2000. CBS's 60 Minutes, and BBC's Panorama TV programs have made consumers ever more aware of dental mercury's danger.

Comments from Medical Professionals:

Filled with interesting information. An excellent resource for everyone. - - Bernie Siegel, M.D., author, Love Medicine and Miracles

I find your book very accurate and factual. I did a Ph.D in this topic (1985-90). My medline searches in 1985-88 confirmed the citations made. - - - Chun Han Ngim, D.D.S., M.P.H., Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, Chemical Process & Biotechnology Department, Singapore Polytechnic

Many thanks for sending your excellent book, Mercury-Free - - - found it very comprehensive, well written, interesting and informative. I highly recommend it to those seeking the truth.. - - - Evelyn G. Wilson, Coordinator, Dental Amalgam Mercury Support Group (DAMS), Mariposa, CA

If you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, read Mercury Free by Dr. James Hardy. - - - Fred Nelson, Director of National Foundation for the Chemically Hypersensitive, Linwood, MI

This well written... must read book is recommended for all people who have fillings or know someone suffering from health problems. - - - Steven C. Olsen D.D.S., Colorado Dentist

Dr. Hardy and other valiant Knights of Truth and Health are doing battle where the odds are against them. Dr. Hardy's book Mercury-Free is a valuable addition to the literature on the subject. It's used-friendly readability and comprehensive text allow both physician and non-physician to benefit from Dr. Hardy's scholarship. - - Alfred V. Zamm, M.D., F.A.C.A.A.I., F.A.C.P. Kingston, New York - Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology and Diplomate, America Board of Environmental Medicine

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ISBN# 0-9649301-0-2, 259 pages $16.95

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