#1 African American Book about survival despite the odds

Edwin T. Witt, MD. author of Witt's End: the autobiography of an African American physician living in Birmingham Alabama during the Great Depression.

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Dr. Edwin Witt, author of the book Witt's End

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Dr. Edwin Witt, 1944 two years before graduation from medical school

Became A Physician Against The Odds

For African Americans, living in Birmingham Alabama during the Great Depression was a time of segregation and struggle to survive little changes from the Civil War. In addition to the racial and economic climate of the day, Edwin Witt was born into  a world of bootlegging and illegal gambling during Prohibition. The young Witt witnesses several incidents of supreme tragedy, including the unpunished murder of his mother at the hands of his alcoholic father and the death of his grandmother of pneumonia, before he resolves to change his fate by becoming a physician. Overcoming the systemic prejudice rampant in Alabama's social and educational institutions, Witt works hard to achieve his dream of becoming a respected physician in a culture rife with the racism of the 19th century.

Biography of Dr. Edwin Witt,

the Author of Witt's End

    A twelve year resident of Spring Valley Lake, "WITT'S END", Part I of II, is an autobiographical account of an Afro-American youngster, born January 9, 1920 in Birmingham, Alabama, known as the bastion for the preservation of racial segregation and white supremacy.

    Their motto was, "SEGREGATION NOW AND FOREVER."

    There was only one high school for three thousand blacks, located fifteen miles across town, and five for whites, including highly technical Ramsey Tech, named for former superintendent.

    Didn't let the financial paralysis of the Great Depression of 1929 and 30's bank closures, joblessness, being made homeless by a vindictive, bootlegging, scheming, gaming, racketeering father, who murdered his sweet, loving mother, keep him from achieving his dreams.

    This book is dedicated to all parents and children age eight throughout adolescence to age twenty.

    Through early religiosity one learns the power of prayer, how it justifies the right to live, love ones self and others.  Clarifies why one should avoid the use of alcohol, drugs or sexual experimentation.

    Carefully choose your associates.  Avoid bad crowds where cult worshipping, dirty talk and dirty movies are prevalent. 

    Prepare yourself educationally  to earn a certificate a diploma and a college degree.

    Some day your chance will come.

    Always be hopeful for a better day.  Total failure is impossible.  Total excellence is never attained.

    Believe this book to be a valuable adjunct to texts in Social Studies classes.

ISBN# 0-9663700-0-7, 361 pages (paperback) $7. 99, 1998

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