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Welcome to a Journey into Emotional Freedom

by Dr. Garry A. Flint

Self-help Book: Emotional Freedom by Garry A. Flint, Ph.D.

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Let Dr. Garry A. Flint take you on the beginning of a healing journey to introduce you to a way to obtain freedom from pain, anxiety, stress, hurt from old traumas and chronic symptoms.

This book: Emotional Freedom will give you a detailed description of the method designed to facilitate complete healing and great relief from anxiety and pain. The experience here will not complete the process, but it will start your journey to emotional freedom and healing.

I Dr. Flint invites you to take the journey of emotional healing.

Start the Journey: Take a Healing Journey with Emotional Freedom, Copyright@1999

Recognize that you have some emotional pain and stress. Brush denial aside and acknowledge that you have issues that you want to change. This is the first step in a healing journey.

Step #2

The book, Emotional Freedom, describes an easy method to reduce emotional and physical discomfort associated with stress related illnesses, injury and chronic illness. It can give you more satisfaction in life.

Step #3

Think about it. The process of healing starts from within by recognizing painful issues, and deciding to make the effort to resolve the discomfort associated with those disruptive issues.

Self-help: Next Stage of Your Journey
Step #4

Belief is not required. The method described in Emotional Freedom guides you to practice on easy issues to build up confidence that it will work for you on bigger issues, like stress or addictions. Many examples are given.

Step #5

This method, bye the way, is being increasingly recognized in the healing industry as a technique of the 21st century for reducing or eliminate the pain of many mental and physical problems.

Step #6

With the activity of tapping on acupressure points, the emotion or discomfort connected to the issue is reduced and, most often, is no longer experienced and never returns. Emotional reactions are seldom experienced.

Self-help Book: Continue the Processes with the Book -- Emotional Healing
Step #7

Now, start your healing with the book, Emotional Freedom. It will provide you with an easy, safe, and private way to resolve those issues. Order a copy of Emotional Freedom today.

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The Method Will Relieve You From any of the following:
Traumatic intrusions
Painful memories
Self-limiting beliefs
Phobias - Addictions
Performance anxieties
Nagging physical symptoms
- from injury or chronic pain
Summary of Contents
A. Overview of the four step process.
B. Summary of each new concept.
C. Detailed presentation for the four....steps w/ flow diagram.
D. Troubleshooting and shortcuts in...detail.
E. Healing addictions and chronic pain...and illness.
A-1. 53 examples of issues, addictions...and symptoms, too.
A-2. Summaries, Wallet Prompts Other...Resources.

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The Author, an Indiana University graduate
1968, looked for a safe, powerful healing
technique for over 14 years to heal
trauma and other coping problems.
He found Emotional Freedom Techniques
to be a powerful and effective method
for healing most psychological
problems and physical discomforts.

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You can give Emotional Freedom
to your relatives and friends.
It will most likely work for them too.

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