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MERCURY-FREE .. The wisdom behind the global consumer movement to ban silver dental fillings by Dr. James Hardy (published by Gabriel Rose Press, Maitland, 259 pages, $16.95).

In today's industrial society, we live in a sea of carcinogens because of chemicals made by man, such as some dangerous chemicals we incorporate into food as additives, and others in the form of drugs for treatment of diseases. Besides the ultraviolet rays and some groups of virus like the papilloma virus, chemicals are the leading offensive agents in the process of carcinogenesis and other serious diseases. The less of these dangerous agents we incorporate into our bodies, the less chance we develop cancer or other immunological diseases.

As a dentist, Dr. James Hardy is very concerned about the utilization for over 160 years of dental silver fillings in the form of mercury amalgams which he believes is a dangerous practice in clinical dentistry. He indicates that the silver fillings release toxic mercury into the body, and he reveals many serious illnesses including headaches, madness, immunological diseases, and even death which have resulted from mercury poisoning. The author is on a campaign to ban silver fillings from dentistry by educating consumers about the dangers of amalgams to the human body and also to the environment.

Mercury Free raises serious health concerns about the utilization of silver fillings in dentistry as patients are gradually being insidiously poisoned by toxic levels of mercury. Because mercury is more poisonous than lead or arsenic, this is a very serious issue that every dental patient must discuss with his or her dentist after being educated by this book. Get a copy of this book before your next dental visit. (Dr. James Hardy: (407)-678-3399)