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Ronald H. Kahl



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Heart Of My Heart by Ronald H. Kahl is a book made up of short stories, all interrelated that make this work a powerful read. You meet people so unforgettable you remember their names. Little Peg, Ziggy, Casper, two Henries, Mae West and Paco Bill, to name a few.

Meet Ronald, perhaps the heir of an Earl. He is always hungry. He is a hero who doesn't know it. His honesty is pure delight as is his courage and loyalty. His Irish side complements his German side -- yet his mother is half English. His family are people just like every other family -- but -- his young eyes see them as only young eyes can see.

This is a story of one year of his life. This is a true story. Life, you'll see, is hard. Ronald sees life as one new adventure after another. You soon will understand, this is part of the food he eats daily. He falls asleep many nights with hunger pains in his stomach but with a mind filled so full it overflows.

Warning! This book may make you smile or cry, or hate or love. The few coarse words are words that were used. His actions, as a young boy, are honest. If you live in a glass bubble, you may doubt. If you want to know what went on, read and reread Heart of My Heart.


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