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Tricks Behind Successful Internet Marketing

Marketing Research Sponsored by LARA PUBLICATIONS, Florissant, MO

A Press Report:

Amazing Secrets Behind Internet Marketing

This report is designed to educate people who are not familiar with how the Internet works to market services and products. Understanding this material will help a business director to negotiate with the company's webmaster and business manager on the goals of on-line business promotion. It makes no difference whether a business is big or small, on-line promotion has to be carefully crafted to attain success. Consequently, the following issues should be carefully considered.

A.Setting Primary Objective of Internet marketing is to deliver a time-tested and effective business letter or sales pitch to a larger group of selected and well-targeted customers to gain high numbers of sales producing large profits.

B. Accomplishing Objectives - Target customers from specific areas related to your book, product or business. Deliver large volumes of messages to potential customers within a shorter period of time. Use a combination of marketing strategies to help market your book or business successfully.

C. Measuring Responses by evaluating the number of hits versus the effectiveness of your sales pitch and the number of promotional strategies.

D. Setting Initial Goal to Attain a minimum of 3,000 hits a month from various promotions with a resultant minimum profit of over $1,000 a month for a very small business. This may take a while, but if you follow the instructions in the marketing package, you will accomplish this objective and surpass it.

E. Being Persistent in your selected promotional strategies is crucial. If one combination doesn't work for your subject matter, find out the problem, and redesign your campaign. Try another combination and see which one works for you.

F. Spending Less than $100 to achieve great results -- this is highly important! When you get the Amazing Secrets Behind Successful Internet Marketing, you will notice that the first set of secrets can be utilized to accomplish some of your objectives without spending a dime! The next level of secrets will cost you $25 - $50 to accomplish the marketing goals of these strategies.

Although, most of the issues discussed in this article are designed for small businesses, big corporations can learn from these on-line marketing strategies as well.

Guidelines for on-line Internet Marketing

1. Keep your internet business totally automated. Let the computer receive orders. Program the computer to send responses to customers using an auto-responder. Let the computer process credit cards, and the computer will send orders to you or the fulfilling company. Money is directly deposited in your bank account.

2. Place classified ads for $50 or less on the web and make huge profits from sales. There is software that will automatically do this for you.

3. Upload articles for free on the web and use these articles can bring you a lot of sales by serving as your promotion letters.

4. Use free classified advertisements on the internet to generate publicity and hits to your site.

5. Use the on-line Newsletter, the Forum Discussion Groups and the Bulletin Board System to promote your book or business.

6. Learn to use simple software to harvest E-mails from those visiting your site, sending you E.mails, or those requesting more information about your book or business. Please don't just harvest E-mail addresses from internet at random -- this can be dangerous. I will explain in the booklet.

7. Use reciprocal links to increase your traffic. I will show you how to use a software that will scan websites appropriate to your request for links exchange.

8. Use banner advertisement to sell your book or promote your business. Banner campaign is working for people who know how to use it. I will show you how to get 1,000 hits for $25 - $50.

9. Use an auto-responder software to generate huge sales.

10. Find business target on-line using simple software. While you are sleeping, there is a software which will scan other websites for you. It will gather compatible websites for your sponsor or for banner advertisement. The same software can also strip E-mails for you and collect them in a file ready to be used for sending information to your customers.

11. Learn about the Secrets of Search Engines to help place your web pages on top of a search relevant to your subject matter.

12. Get more pages on the internet for your business or book. The more pages you have on the internet with common keywords, the higher the chances you will be discovered by potential customers.

13. Find and target high-traffic areas on the internet for low-cost banner advertisement.

14. Design a simple website. Make your site easy to follow, carry a sales message and quick to download. Your first page must immediately captivate your visitors' passion and attention.

15. Utilize the big business marketing secret. Once you discover new marketing strategy for your business, test it without delay. If it works, use it to make money as fast as you can before other people discover the same secret, at which time it becomes no longer effective.

If you want to know how to do these and more, then reserve you own copy of the booklet -- Amazing Secrets Behind Successful Internet Marketing. There is more to tell you, but you have to wait till the full report comes out. You might have heard about some of these techniques, but my procedures will delineate how to do it correctly and effectively to earn you sales and profit. I made your internet promotion very simple.

How Internet Gurus Are Stealing From You -- This Will Make You Mad!

Everybody knows that increased traffic sells. No matter how wonderful your site, if you can't generate traffic, you can't sell. Most traffic comes through search engines, reciprocal links, banner advertisements, news groups, forum discussions, classified advertisements in high traffic areas, and E-mail campaigns. In addition to this, the Internet Gurus will set up a free web page for you at no cost. They ask you to promote your web page with your money - - announce it to various places on the internet and carry out external internet advertisements. As soon as your customers come, your host will grab them with a very large graphic animation displayed on top of your web page. Usually you get little or no sales because your customers are stolen. So, you think you are getting a free website or free E-mail account from these people? Think again! It's a rip off! The company should be paying you for traffic you deliver to their site. They use a software to scan and strip E-mails from your visitors before you see them, and they market directly to them without your knowledge.

I assure you, Lara Publications has a policy against piracy of customers from our clients -- that's why our logo is at the bottom of your page (except in the case of a book review, where it is important for press identification).

Do you know that each time you visit some websites, they may be dropping cookies in your computer as a reminder to help you return? Some websites are actually collecting information from you, harvesting your E-mail and selling them to bulk E-mail brokers. How many unsolicited E-mail messages have you received?

Shopping Mall Rip-Offs

Another thing people are doing wrong is to get in Shopping Malls on the internet -- it is a waste of time and money! It may work in a real-life mall, but not on the internet. It makes no difference if the mall is getting one million hits a day. What matters is, how many hits do you get in your tiny shop? Shopping Malls are over priced and only making money for the mall owners. We have tested this one very well and interviewed people who lost a lot of money on internet Shopping Malls. Stay away from internet Shopping Malls! Some Shopping Malls are making money, but they are in high traffic areas costing $20,000 - $50,000 a year. Can you afford this and how much sales will justify such a huge waste of money?

The Key To Internet Marketing

The primary key to successful internet marketing is to target your customers. It makes no difference whether you are marketing through classified advertisement, banner or bulletin board campaign, E-mail promotion, reciprocal links, or any other form of internet or external promotion -- you must attract target customers interested in your product or book. If you are successful in doing this, it will bring you large profits. Our booklet: Amazing Secrets Behind Successful Internet Marketing will do this for you -- it teaches step-by-step how to market on the internet for little or nothing.

We design your website FREE and charge only $1.50 a week to house and promote your existing site -- less than 25 Cents a day! Realizing the giant promotion underway for our internet marketing in 1999, it will be very unwise not to take advantage of this continuous promotion for FREE.

If you have a business and do not have a website, you may be losing money. Any serious professional who wants to market him or herself needs a website. Journalists and sales agents who are always on the road can't afford not to have a website -- instead of checking answering machines for messages -- check your E-mail messages. Professionals like journalists must have an independent website different from the company's site. Once you are on the company's website your activities are limited and dictated by the company, however, if you have your own website, you have control over your site's contents.

So, in addition to the company's site where your professional credentials are displayed, get your own personal site to market yourself. If you are looking for a new job, or need to do something on the side, your personal site becomes your marketing tool. Utilize this to display your articles and other professional achievements making it much easier for a potential employer to evaluate your qualifications in few minutes. Please visit this site and understand the value of your own personal site

If you need a site we will design one for you for free, give us a call at Lara Publications: 800-599-7313 or send us a fax at 314-653-6543 or send us your E-mail at Outcry-lara@msn.com   Report by Victor O. Vidal