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If Life Hands You a Lemon, Then Have A Tall Glass of Lemonade by Arlene White.

Hello, Waitresses! This is a story of a young woman who took her first job for pay at the age of 28 years. This was in the late 50's. Due to having only an 8th grade education, she felt life had handed her a lemon when she went to work waiting tables in a truck-stop cafe in Iowa City, Iowa. At the time she had three young sons to support.

This so thought misfortune, opened a door for her that brought about 35 years of success on the job. Arlene says, "This was a God-Send."

You will laugh with her as this job is not boredom. You might cry as she tells of the times in her life when mingling with healthy minded people on the job, helped her to keep her feet on the ground. It's a people story, humorous, sad, warm and caring, sometimes offensive --- everything that people can be.

Arlene White lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the past 12 years. A big part of her story takes place at Harrah's Hotel Casino, on the Las Vegas Strip. There she is employed at the Fresh Market Buffet. She also worked at the Holiday Inn in Warsaw, Indiana for 14 years.

Arlene says, "I believe my story displays many valuable truths. What I've learned over the years on the job is something no college degree could equal. (ISBN # 0-9659766-0-2, 293 pages, $16.00)

To Order: Send check or money order to Arlene White, P.O. Box 42506, Las Vegas, NV 89116. Tel: (702)-452-3452.

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