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Foundation for A Course in Miracles by Gloria Wapnick & Dr. Kenneth Wapnick consists of three books according to the revelation of Jesus Christ to Helen Schucman while working with William Thetford --both were professors of psychology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in new York. The first book, Forgiveness & Jesus discusses the principles of "A Course in Miracles," specifically focusing on the dynamics of the ego and the meaning of forgiveness. ISBN # 0-933291-13-2, 400 pages, $16.

Awaken from The Dream is the second book which teaches about man's relationship with God and takes the reader on a journey of spiritual discovery (ISBN # 0-933291-04-3, 113 pages, $10). The third book A Vast Illusion: Time According to A Course in Miracles discusses time using theories of metaphysics and the relevance to atonement, forgiveness, the second coming of Jesus, and the last judgment (ISBN # 0-933291-09-4, 343 pages, $12).

The fourth book The Most Commonly Asked Questions About A Course In Miracles is a study guide and answers to enduring questions for students of this theology (ISBN # 0-933291-21-3, 142 pages, $8.00). The fifth book The Message of A Course in Miracles: All Are Called, Few Choose To Listen Vol. I & II is a comprehensive overview of the theological concepts presented in these books (ISBN # 0-933291-25-6, $22.00).


A Course in Miracles is a series of teaching about God and Jesus centralized on love. forgiveness and human's relationship with God. The teachings use some controversial theories of metaphysics, Judaism, Christianity, psychology to explain God's mission, human spiritual existence and the power of forgiveness. The authors succeeded in educating the reader about the power of spirituality, love of God and human close relationship with Christ.

Dr. Wapnick and Gloria Wapnick's teachings and theocentrisms support the existence of a non-denominational loving God who bestows mankind the power to personal choices, spiritual development and eternal happiness with Christ. (Dr. Wapnick: (607)-498-4116).