Review of the book, Noetic Magic by Dr. Daniel Wick

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Review One

Review of   the book "Noetic Magic and the Coming Transformation in Human Consciousness" (authored by Dr. Daniel Wick)

"Daniel L. Wick's Fascinating "Noetic Magic" gives us not only a history of the Western view of magic but a series of portraits of famous magi.  My own favorites are such mysterious eighteenth century figures as The Comte de St. Gemain and Cagliostro;   their prominence in an age aspiring to reason, and enlightenment through reasonableness, is particularly remarkable.  But Wick demonstrates that reason and magic are not exactly opposing categories, and in the second part of his book he creates a number of links between Noetic Magic and differing philosophical and spiritual views of consciousness.  This is the most daring and inevitably the most speculative part of this fine book, which deserves wide circulation."

                  -----Manfred Wolf, Professor of English, San Francisco State University

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 Review two

    "Man's attempts to understand his higher self is not only timeless it is,according to Daniel L. Wick, close at hand.  Through his revealing book, "Noetic Magic", we discover that we have but to throw off the chains of the supernatural and embrace the power of will and imagination.

    Through the cultivation of our "good unconscious" Noetic Magic assists us in acquiring the essence of self and the "loving knowledge of others.

    Dr. Wick's most erudite and insightful examination of the Western magical tradition from its originator, Pythagoras, through G.I. Gurdjieff and Carlos Castaneda, leads us to the certain knowledge that magic's secrecy and elitism must be discarded if humanity as a whole is to attain the transformation of consciousness made possible by emerging cosmological paradigms. The cosmic web is dynamic and we are all interconnected, seeking the ideals of our better selves.

    Exploring physics, philosophy, and psychology, Dr. Wick brilliantly uncovers the truth of the magic of our selves.

    I highly recommend this book to all who have sought the truth and all who have wondered the various roads of belief and doubt."

                     ------ D. Benner Holden, Author of "The Chinese Book of Warts and Toads"

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