News and Analysis, August 20, 1998, President Clinton Under Siege --- Character Assassination!

Let us stand in God's name for forgiveness. "Vengeance is mine," says the Lord!

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The Evils of Extremism Defeat the Essential Virtues of a True Democracy by 'Yinka Vidal

Who planted Monica Lewinsky in the White House?

President Clinton Addresses the Nation: Monday August 17, 1998, a few hours after President Clinton voluntarily testified before Kenneth Starr's grand jury investigating his   relationship with Monica Lewinsky, the President addressed the nation. President Clinton admitted to having a physical relationship with Monica, he admitted his faults, took full responsibility for his actions, and urged the nation to put this matter behind them. He implied that the problem of his personal life is a private matter between him and his family, and he will do his best to resolve the issue within his family. Before ending a very short speech, he questioned the status of the independent counsel, and how far it went into his private and most personal life. President Clinton also pointed out that the investigation has gone too long, cost too much money, and hurt too many people. He wanted all these to end.

Watching some politicians' responses after President Clinton's speech was more depressing while listening to the nation's responses and comments was more reassuring. It is very sad that some politicians who are either Clinton's opponents or haters are still trying to cut a pound of flesh out of the President's skin! When anybody beats a person who is already on the floor, there is a serious question about the aggressor's character. How much more detail do we want to know for God's sake? And the list of the ridiculous questions continues. Perhaps we need to drag the First Lady to the grand jury and ask her how many times she was intimate with the President. I used to think that we are a nation of common decency and not that of voyeurism!

President Clinton's speech was more than adequate to end the matter, understanding that he must retain his dignity as the President of the United States. Everybody agreed, the speech was not an easy thing for the President -- he appeared to be a courageous man! My heart goes out to him and his family. Apology was unnecessary because few men in President Clinton's position will do things differently. He did not offend anybody and the issue is between him and his family. Presidents Reagan and Bush lied about the Iran Contra-affair. What happened? Nothing! What happened to our public apology? The same people who are calling for President Clinton's resignation now, kept quiet during President Reagan's administration despite his misrepresentation of facts to the Congress. This is the more reason to believe that the whole issue of the Monica Lewinsky  was politically motivated --- and probably a set up.

Sending Young Women to the White House: To those few mothers who are afraid to send their twenty-one year old daughters to the White House as interns, they should first educate their daughters about self respect. Young women should not be using their body parts to attain fame or power. Regardless to what anybody says, President Clinton was more of a victim by the whole incident. Monica Lewinsky knew she was getting excited  when she got closer to the President! We saw all the excitement on her face like when the Christmas tree lighted up as she hugged the President. It was a consenting affair, and women have to make a final decision whether any form of sexual act will take place.

Monica's participation is hardly the role of a naive young woman! Here again we put a young woman who needed to take responsibility for her action in a position of a victim. Indeed, she knew what she was doing and for the most part played a cardinal role in the whole affair. Monica and other women like her get great satisfaction and ego thrills from having affairs with men in power. She decided to keep the stained dress as a souvenir of her affair with the President and even had the nerve to brag about it to her friend. This is not the role of a naive young woman! For God's sake give me a break! Monica was putting the power between her legs to work for her -- "the power of the panties!" She suddenly becomes the most expensive panties in the United States!

I strongly believe that President Clinton was set-up! Why was Monica still keeping the dress for so long if she didn't plan to use it against the President? How low down can you get? Mothers should teach their daughters to use their brains and not their panties to attain success and fame - - they should not be walking in the shadows of men in power. In other words, responsible and decent young women don't go around doing what Monica did.  That's just how I feel as we become a society who love worshiping women's body and subjecting men to the mercy and the degradation of the panties! I love my mother, but I hate hypocrisy!

Moral Leadership: There were some misleading information presented by people in the media and even some politicians about moral leadership. The president of a nation in a democratic government is not a moral leader by any definition - - he is a political leader. What the nation should expect from a president is political leadership. It is ironic to define an American president or any president in a democratic government as a moral leader and later drop tons of bombs on another country killing thousands of innocent people. Is it moral leadership to kill innocent children in another country? The fact that a president has to kill innocent people during a  war (either Americans or foreigners), approve covert operations and conduct some secret operations in the name of national security removes a democratic president from the position of a moral authority or leadership. Sadly it is morally okay to drop bombs on other countries and kill innocent people just because we disagree with their ideologies, but very immoral for the President to have another woman on the side -- what a form of flaming hypocrisy!

People who are looking for moral leadership should look first into their families and then up to their church ministers -- that's why we have the separation of church and states. Even then, ministers do have desires because they are made of human flesh. There was one time a church minister was caught with a prostitute by the police. The church not only paid the fine, but many women in the church volunteered to take care of his biological need and still retained him as the church minister. In case some people are still confused while looking for a moral leader, they should quickly visit the Vatican City and see the Pope!

Good Vacation Turned Sour: I was vacationing in Disneyland when I received the briefing late Sunday that President Clinton would be addressing the nation after his testimony before the grand jury because he was going to admit to a physical relationship with Monica Lewinsky. As a Clinton supporter and fan, I was very dejected throughout the rest of my vacation. I wished I did not hear the briefing while on vacation. Few weeks prior to my vacation, I had stopped listening to the news and I heard of some Clinton's supporters doing the same thing. Most of us are very tired of  seeing garbage thrown at the President of the United States because of the events which happened in his personal life. Some of us took the whole thing very personal. I was never angry at President Clinton because of what happened. Not too many married men will admit having an extramarital affair before the public, especially when that person is in a public office. How many married men will sit in front of a young woman who opened her legs and pulled her panties to the side and not get excited (please excuse me)? Women experience the same thing when they see a man that turns them on -- it's a biological process. When men get excited, it's very obvious because their anatomy will betray them, however women can conceal theirs and still deny it! Nature doesn't believe in fairness.

When We Draw the Line: Social ethics and decency are the adherent virtues of a true democracy. America as a nation champions the true values of democracy around the world by the preservation of human rights, liberty, justice for all and opportunities for the pursuit of happiness. We attest to the truth that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights. The value of these virtues lies in our ability to operate within the guidelines of common decency no matter our position. However, as a nation, we are presently losing part of what make us great under democracy by the dangerous rise of extremists. Part of the wonderfulness of democracy is our ability to exchange ideas no matter how divergently opposite they appear. We cannot always agree on everything, we learn to negotiate through our differences, and agree to disagree when needed. It becomes uncivilized when we besiege those who express disagreements with eternal damnation and condemnation.

Fundamentals of American Values: The values that we cherish and teach our children are those fundamentals needed to maintain a society under the banner of democracy and the fear of God! We teach our children to respect life and appreciate other people's rights. We educate them about their political rights and those conferred to them by the Creator. We teach them about their responsibility to themselves, their families, society, government, and the need to exercise restraints at the height of emotions. We make them appreciate the values of common decency, character, responsibility and accountability. As parents, we want them to be responsible and productive citizens. But when we adults engage in conducts of extremism, we operate contrary to what we teach our children and they become confused. Most of the time, children follow our behavioral footsteps because attitudinal behavior influences their behavior more than what we say.

Nobody knows what goes on in the bedroom of the President and the First Lady. And nobody should know. It is nobody's business and should be kept private like the grand jury investigation which was leaked for political gains. However, this investigation has blown the lid off the sacredness of marital intimacy and the hypocrisy involved. Everybody needs a kind of physical release after a hard day's of work -- sex can sometimes be very therapeutic. For this sake of respect and decency, this issue remained a private matter between the President and his wife. I strongly agree with the President who said, "It's nobody's business, but ours."

Stripping the President: The vicious way President Clinton's sex life was investigated and exploited violates the rule of common decency. The press has played a horrible role in this investigation and in its continuous bashing of the President. They were no longer reporting news -- they were making news. If a clear crime was committed, the situation could have been different. An intimate encounter of a President with an intern is hardly considered a high treason crime. Many married men have committed the same social crime. This is not to condone such behavior however, stripping a President naked, and shredding all his legal rights violates the rule of ethics and common decency! Many Americans are very worried about how President Clinton's legal rights were ripped apart by the process of this investigation. The future political implications will reach pass the President to other political leaders and people in public offices who may be subjected to the same ordeal. Who wants to be the next President after seeing what happened to President Clinton?

International Implications: "While we are busy worrying about what happened between the President and Monica Lewinsky, dangerous developments may be happening somewhere around the world." 'Yinka Vidal OUTCRY Magazine, 1997.

Like always, I warned the nation, but nobody listened and the investigation continued, now, we have to pay the price. As a result of this ruthless investigation, many people outside the United States perceive American government as in crisis. Consequently India tested nuclear weapon and it took America by surprise because we were busy worrying about the Monica Lewinsky's affair. Later, Pakistan followed India's example and Iran tested some dangerous missiles. In August 7, 1998, terrorists bomb US. embassies in both Kenya and Tanzania killing hundreds and wounding thousands. When are we going to wake up and clearly see the implications of this investigation and how far it has made America look so bad across the seas? Clearly, this was not what President Clinton did, this was what the investigation did to him.

Power of the Panties! "Once a woman consents and has sexual relations, she owns him -- he becomes her property, she can walk all over him as she wants. She can love him or kill him, he won't even notice because women have power!" said Rebecca when questioned regarding the malicious way President Clinton's intimate life was investigated.

Years ago, some women used their bodies for their own economic opportunities, now the same power has turned to a dangerous weapon of destruction. How many men will not be subjected to the spell of a charming young woman? At the height of passion and desire, the cognitive part of the brain malfunctions! Most of us with no exception will bend to desire including very powerful women! It's a known natural process. Women have gone after men in power for years just to gain indirect access to power. Because of the emptiness of such women, they love to brag about their conquests. Monica Lewinsky is therefore no exception, or a saint -- she knew all along what she was doing. Sadly today, good and nice ordinary people don't get on popular talk shows. The only way to get the media's immediate attention or become an instant celebrity is to commit a grave crime or do the type of job Monica was doing to a political leader and bragging about it.

The whole issue became so big because it was designed as a political weapon to disable a seating President. An investigation should be made as to how Monica got inside the White House and who encouraged her to take the job. Was she planted in the White House as a political bomb knowing the President's weakness? Perhaps President Clinton did not surround himself with loyal workers. Very loyal workers will stay with the boss and ready to die with him no matter the problems.

A President having another woman on the side is not a big political issue in many countries -- that's why no country except the United States is trashing their President because of such activities. There are many countries giving fringe benefits of multiple young women to their leaders as presents. Kings and men in power all over the world from the time of history have always had access to more women other than their wives as a form of purification and nurture. From the Biblical time, young women were given to older kings to make them warm not because these women were baking cookies! Even in today's society, a head of state's funeral was attended by his wife and mistress walking hand in hand. Even in the Unites States, it was reported one time that a Russian defector received the nurture of a high class prostitutes costing tax payers over two hundred thousand dollars. It was appropriate because we wanted secrets -- no moral issue here, huh!

The reason why President Clinton's affair received a lot of attention and condemnation is because we are a society drowning in hypocrisy! The only way we can destroy "panties power" is to bring sex out in the open and be modest about it. This whole incident reminds me of a painful story of a man who had to lie to his children about his wife's extramarital affairs. The wife had earlier admitted to the children because they caught her in a compromised position with another man. The children were angry and they ran to their father. The father did a good job in convincing the children that they did not see what they thought they were seeing. Years later the daughters who were then married confronted their father again about lying for their mother after their mother told them the whole story. The wise man told them that he lied to them to protect them from their mother's indiscretion with other men so they would not be emotionally damaged. He did not want to ruin her daughters' lives.

Monica's Character: How low can a woman stoop to having sex with a married man and keeping a semen-stained dress as a souvenir? Only in America can a woman be dressed with a badge of honor because she had an affair with the head of states! Perhaps we, as a society have attached too much importance to the whole issue because of the voyeuristic effects. Will American democratic institution allow the history of this great country to be tainted by Monica Lewinsky's affair?  If Monica had kept her big mouth shut, America could have been spared the grief! This is nothing more than a political stunt of a character assassination by the panties! "Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone at the President."

Status of the Independent Counsel Must Change: President Clinton did not bash Kenneth Starr enough during his speech to the nation. How can an investigator rip a man apart over social issues when that man happens to be the President of the United States? Regardless to what anybody may want to say about Starr's investigation, it is a shameful embellishment of the power of government when a seating President is made into an object of ridicule by the abuse of power of the independent counsel. How long will Kenneth Starr's investigation last is a fair question asked by many across the country. When do we draw a line of common decency and when do we overstep the boundaries? Ninety percent of those questioned said this investigation which started with White Water has gone too far and is presently doing a disservice to the nation. Like another journalist said, "Kenneth Starr needs to apologize to President Clinton for how low-down this investigation penetrated into the President's private life." This investigation has made a mockery of the American criminal justice system! The Congress of the United States should immediately determine and limit the power of the independent counsel, hopefully this madness will not repeat itself again. If we allow the runaway train to keep running, one day, it will crash and we will all be victims of an unscrupulous investigator whose mission appears to destroy people's lives. Many people have suffered long enough. Can we now stop this madness?

Points to Consider: Although it is highly important to have a solid role model in the highest office in the nation, we however cannot ignore the basic elements of human emotions and weaknesses. Not too many politicians are willing to trade places with President Clinton based on the ridiculousness of this investigation. When we over-dress an issue with emotional embellishment, we easily lose the basic elements of common decency. The wonderfulness of true democracy is to know where to draw the line of common decency. This value differentiates us from any form of political extremism across the world like we experience from the Middle East, Ireland or the former Yugoslavia. Otherwise, the fundamentals of family values which we profess to protect become meaningless and worthless in the absence of self imposed censorship! The malicious way the President's sex life has been investigated over a trivial issue demonstrates the extremism of ideology which has no place in a civilized society. If America must champion democracy across the globe, this is not only the wrong way, but also a wrong message to those countries with democracy in evolution. Therefore, no matter how we feel about any issue, we cannot sacrifice human decency for the idolatry of ideological or political extremism!

Aggressive responses by some of President's haters showed clearly that American democracy is in deep trouble as people are more pre-occupied with their own selfish ideologies than what benefits us as a nation. I wonder how many of these people will want their private and personal lives be displayed as spectator sports for the public?

American Democracy Must be Repaired: Predictions were made a few years ago that American democracy is heading for a crash because of internal political struggle, and the nation itself is on it's final days. Whether this is true or not, remains to be seen, but the ominous signs are written on the wall. Like the old saying, those who refused to learn from history are damned to repeat it. The investigation of Kenneth Star must be brought to an immediate closure before more people are damaged. However, due to human ego, we may be heading on a path of self destruction. Those who refused to put this matter to a close are the enemies of democracy and don't have the love of this country at heart. Many people wondered why President Gerald Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon years ago. Today, the same people will now appreciate the decency of President Ford's action for sparing the nation the agony of a former President's trial. Needless to say, I admired President Richard Nixon because of his power as a good politician, and not about of the way he went down. Although President Ford paid a political price, he did a very honorable thing for the nation because he put the interest of the people first. Perhaps this will educate President Clinton's political opponents (or haters) that this is no Watergate and when politicians across the aisle treat each other as enemies, the essence of democracy is lost and other nations may no longer believe in this American version of democracy based on hypocrisy. Therefore, the evils of political extremism destroy the essential virtues of a true democracy in a decent society.

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