Falsely Accused of Incest! Can this happen to you?

Not Guilty as Charged

Dean Tong a loving father was falsely accused of sexual abuse by his ex-wife in a divorce battle.

Ashes to Ashes: Family to Dust by Dean Tong is the story of a man falsely accused and jailed for incest. This special piece is both a disturbing and necessary book by a loving father crying out to be heard! True, some fathers sexually abuse their daughters yearly. But when an ex-wife deliberately uses this allegation as a weapon against her ex-husband, then we have a very serious problem. Yes, women have always been right any time they accuse men of any crime especially when it comes to incest. Today, a man can't wink an eye twice at a female co-worker without being charged with sexual harassment. What happened to men's right? Well, some men are fighting back, and this is the story of one of them.

It is horrible to see so many families destroyed by unfounded accusations of child abuse. But the work offers hope to the same by listing tons of invaluable resource information for falsely-accused parents and their attorneys. The author isn't shy about one's need for an expert attorney, when framed with abuse charges; two legal experts contribute chapters to the book. "ASHES" takes the reader through the accusation process, from accused to SAID Syndrome, child victim, anatomically "detailed" dolls, agencies, courts, and self-help sections including Do-s and Don't-s, family rights groups lists of attorneys, internet-on-line resources, caselaw list, and defense flow chart.

"All public library systems should have this title." ---MidWest Book Review, Feb. 1997.

Interview Dean Tong (also a talkshow host) to educate your audience about neutralizing the latest weapon used in a child custody battle. FamRight Press, 6102 Webb Rd., #811, Tampa, FL. 33615. Dean Tong: (813)-885-6173, deantong@aol.com ISBN: # 0-9654833-8-X: 262 pages, $15.95.

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