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Author Produces New Children's Reader with Guide for Parents

William Graham, an entertaining lecturer and teacher has just published a new form of children's book for young readers for grades two through four called Breakfast with Sammy.    The illustrations are contributed by the real girl who found Sammy and by a wonderful illustrator, Susan Van Laar, a mother of three young children herself.

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William Graham, Ph.D.

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Book: Breakfast with Sammy

Dr. Graham is available to do seminars and presentations of his reading techniques to adults and children on radio, TV and in classroom settings.  The author is making the books available both commercially and to charitable groups such as Parent-Teacher Organizations and Boys and Girls Club for their fund-raising efforts.

Breakfast with Sammy is a colorful storybook designed to help more experienced readers guide children into the illuminating world of reading.  It is based on the real-life adventures of the cat Sammy.  Sammy is found and cared for by Molly, a young girl who helps her aunt and uncle become a family when they adopt him. 

Some Colorful Pages From the Book: Breakfast with Sammy

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The story explores the emotions and values of both children and grown-ups who find a lost animal and how to take responsibility for that animal.  Breakfast with Sammy also helps young readers learn new words, reflect on their goals and values through imaging, and the whole family learns to ease life stress through quiet questions and thoughtful answers.

Dr. Graham has been a teacher and facilitator, with over twenty-five years of guiding parents to become effective readers.  He has been a consultant to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and is an Assistant Professor at National-Louis University.  During his career, he has found that books should be fun and challenging, otherwise parents will not model effective reading and their children may never read well.

When you go to Elert-Publications.Com, click the cursor on "Our Children's Books" button and you can explore the children's book section.  Join Sammy and his friends by clicking on the gallery of pictures from Breakfast with Sammy!

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