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Arshad Khan

Understanding Muslim-West Alienation, Building a Better Future
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Understanding Muslim-West Alienation: Building a Better Future

o           Are Muslims promoting terrorism and eager to participate in a holy war?

o           Are Muslim distrust and, in some cases, hatred of America justified?

o           Are the West and Islam doomed to continue their antagonism?

      The  Muslim-West conflict did not begin with the 9-11 attacks. It has been brewing for centuries due to economic, social, religious, military, national, and personal factors. The current negative perception of the West and America among Muslims was not created by any individual event or crisis. It is the cumulative effect of many events, spread over centuries, that have shaped Muslim thinking and beliefs.


Having lived in the Middle East and America, Khan, an author of 7 books, shares a unique perspective on the Muslim-West conflict. In Understanding Muslim-West Alienation, he:

o           Identifies historical/current events causing Muslim-West antagonism

o           Analyzes events, spread over centuries, shaping Muslim thinking and their current negative perception of the West and America

o           Highlights 9-11 “hijacking” of Islam and gross violation of Islamic principles

o           Overturns stereotypes of Muslims developed over the years from the actions of adherents who have not followed true Islamic teachings

o           Points out mistakes, injustices, and false perceptions of both sides

o           Recommends specific actions that Muslims and America must take to resolve their conflict

o           Addresses complex issue in easy-to-read, summarized, format


About the author

Arshad Khan is a successful author, versatile professional, consultant, and adjunct professor. He has written books in diverse fields including stock market investing, software implementation, and chemical engineering (desalination). He has previously been published by leading publishers—John Wiley & Sons and Elsevier Science Publishers (Reed).

 Mr. Khan, who earned both his graduate degrees in engineering and business administration in the United States, has taught a variety of courses at the University of California (Berkeley and Santa Cruz Extensions), Golden Gate University (San Francisco, California) and National University (San Jose, California).

 Understanding Muslim-West Alienation: Building a Better Future by Arshad Khan

ISBN:  0-595-23709-6 Paperback: 163 pages 6” x 9” Publisher: Writers Club Press

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Arshad Khan


(717) 418-5551




Book Review:

 I have read your brilliant work and understand the situation more clearly.
By looking at the big picture now, everyone who is looking for positive
solutions can see the need to look past the evils and see the need to find
solutions on common ground  for all who care about the goodness of mankind
Jim Allen, Educator, CA



 Understanding Muslim-West Alienation: Building a Better Future is an informative look at Islam and interactions between Muslim countries and America. In looking at historical events, and the strengths and weaknesses of Muslims and non-Muslims, the author attempts to build a bridge of understanding beyond popular news articles and the opinions and experiences of real people who strive to co-exist peacefully throughout the world."

Janice Phelps, Editor/Owner, Lucky Press


Highly informational, very insightful and an excellent piece of work.

Outcry Magazine, Florissant, MO

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