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Book: Walk A Mile In My Shoes: Gripping Real Life Stories by Father Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D

Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Gripping, Real Life Stories
by Reverend Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D
ISBN 1-58898-126-6 $15.00

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes: Gripping Real Life Stories is about life and its meaning. The pages of this book carry some powerful lessons that can benefit the reader even beyond any expectations. Father Pat has taken the fiction out of the story and put unique messages in its place. He uses the story as a dynamic vehicle that can capture our attention, hold it and then allow us to savor the story inset.
What is even more, Father Pat shows us how to empower ourselves through earnest stories.This is a book about life and its slippery slope. It is also a book about challenge, daring and do. You will find characters within that you can sympathize with as well as characters that you would like to call “friend.” But more importantly, the stories are stepping-stones to a richer, more rewarding life.

The collection of stories shares the human drama realistically as it
unfolds daily in each of our lives.  The clever painting of words creates a
tension in the stories' elements weaving us personally into its main
thrust: the theme.  Rhetorically, Father Berkery presents unique questions
throughout his use of the story format challenging us intellectually and
emotionally to rise to its conclusion.

Reviewed by  Ken E., kewaskie@snet.net 04/09/0


Father Pat Berkery is presently in charge of St. Anthony’s Parish, in Ansonia, Connecticut. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he contracted polio at a very young age and was treated in and received his grade school education at St. Charles Hospital, in Port Jefferson, New York. The nuns who cared for him did such a wonderful job that he was able to enter the seminary later in life and pursue college and graduate studies in a Connecticut catholic seminary. 

After ordination, Father Pat was sent to Rome to obtain his Doctorate in Philosophy. While there, he majored in Scholastic Philosophy, and upon completion of his doctoral studies, returned to teach in the Connecticut seminary where he prepared for the priesthood. Father Pat has taught philosophy in various seminaries throughout the country and has written extensively on the spiritual life. He has also preached retreats in many parts of the United States. A published author, Father Pat has written many articles that were published in various religious journals in addition to his books. A gifted speaker and homilist, Father Pat has found that stories have a power to make most messages meaningful and absorbable beyond man’s wildest dreams. This is why his latest book Walk A Mile In My Shoes: Gripping, Real Life Stories comes at a time in his life when he feels he must share the secrets of genuine happiness.

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