Bertice Berry Keynote Speaker: African American Booksellers Conference

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Bertice Berry

Bertice Berry: Chicago Book Expo 2001

She was said to be a motivational speaker, but many may not have believed until Bertice Berry started speaking at the Chicago Book Expo. She was not only successful in inspiring the audience, people laughed and almost fell off their chairs. She started her presentation with a singing prayer and then the sister exploded! It was a time to see Bertice Berry in her glory!

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She claimed she wanted a man, but God sent her sister's kids. Her sister was drug impaired. She was happy to accept the children instead of the man she was praying for. "Love has nothing to do with what we get,  but all to do with what we give," said Bertice Berry with her explosive voice in a very dramatic way.
She challenged people to read and read, because reading liberates our minds all the time.

Bertice also appealed to booksellers to work and network together. She stressed that being the first Black person to do anything is not a badge of honor but that of a disappointment.

Bertice Berry Speaking at the Chicago Book Expo 2001

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The person who was considered the first Black person happened to be there when the door was opened.

She encouraged people to tap into their spirituality. "When you work with a purpose you collide with destiny," says Bertice Berry.

Bertice gave hints to the audience about being successful in life:

bulletWhen you go to any event, get there early.
bulletSpeak to other people and carry a smile.
bulletLearn something new everyday.
bulletLaugh till it hurts.
bulletDo something for somebody without expecting anything back.
bulletWhen somebody wants to gossip, start praying! (The audience busted into more laughter at this time).
bulletListen to your tones.
bulletArgue less, pray always.
bulletBe well, eat well, exercise and walk in love.
bulletYou are a warrior!
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Bertice Berry Speaking to the Audience in Chicago During the Book Expo 2001

She urged people to find out what they are sent here to do. "Change never comes without a struggle and joy never come without pain," said Bertice Berry. Why are you complaining so much? Are you the chosen one to do the work? God said, "But I sent you to minister unto the people."

Bertice Berry was hot, inspirational, and very uplifting. Her new book is entitled: The Haunting of Hip Hop," published by Doubleday. Click here to E-mail Bertice Berry

Story and Pictures by V. 'Yinka Vidal of OUTCRY Magazine