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A Book of Inspirational and Entertaining POEMS

A View From The Helm by Bill Helm

A View From Helm is a collection of poems like short stories dealing with a wide range of ideas and circumstances viewed through the eyes of a typical middle class American. Emotions spill forth covering political , social, psychological and satirical encounters.

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A View From The Helm hopes to inspire the knowledge seeker in all of us; to engage and assist in shaping the new millennium unfolding within our lives.

A Varied collection of viewpoints, this book forcefully bites, into the realities of our times.

The VIEW chews into the bureaucratic meat, of the past, present and future. It digs up the corruption brought about by ignorance while howling at the public's domain to be guided by their moral compass.

Helm barks out a resounding sounding board for change hounding the everyday issues of political correctness as he chases the dogma of malfeasance around the globe.

The author rips into skewed psychological reasoning, claws the deep recess of the inner mind, tearing at the soul of complacency and scratching at the pounding heart of the inane.

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