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Speaking Out About Problems

by Sandra Foster Billingslea

The Speaking Out about Problems (SOAP) Program began as an effort to teach teenage parents how to cope with the stresses of parenthood and school. The object was to encourage them to finish their education while they were learning the life skills they needed to be successful parents and students. Additionally, the students needed practical skills  in problem-solving because they often did not have adults in their home life who afforded them the resources to learn these skills there. Hence, through working with teenager parents, it became apparent that problem solving is a life skill training model that can serve all children through group activities.

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SOAP is built on the idea that students should be self-sufficient and that they build self- esteem through leaning how to solve their own problems. The foundation of independence is the ability to think critically and act with a sense of responsibility. SOAP seeks to build upon the student's natural inclination to explore. Hence, through a guided leaning process, SOAP  students learn to look at problems as surmountable. They learn how to turn problems into possibilities for learning. Each session students look at critical issue in their lives and learn how to discuss that problem openly with their peers. This initial step is followed by an attempt to write about that problem. These exercises have an express purpose.

Biography of Dr. Sandra Billinggslea

image001.jpg (5753 bytes) I am Dr. Sandra Billingslea, President of Mel-San Enterprises, a member of The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa and the American Business Women Association (ABWA), a graduate of Bethune-Cookman-College-B.A.-Sociology, Barry University-MSW, and Nova Southeastern University- Ed.S.- Ed.SpecialistEd.D.- Education.  I have recently published two new books:   Speaking Out About Problems (SOAP) and Building Eager Esteem (BEE).   The SOAP book helps to promote problem-solving as a life skill and the BEE book seeks to establish a foundation for the development of behaviors that lead to success. (Trafford Publishing)


I am also the publicist for Jeffrey Dean Swain, J.D.  Jeffrey Dean Swain is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College, and he holds a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law. 

Jeffrey Dean Swain is Miami-based author who has a unique vision on African-Diaspora, America and world affairs.  His books Black and Still Here (2002) and A World of Color (2003) consider the importance of race in the new millennium.  Education in America:  A Dilemma in the 21st Century (2004) is a skilled analysis of the American public education system and the inherent disadvantages it creates for minority children.  His latest publication The Soul Unsettled (2005) is a book of poems dealing with politics, life, and love. (Barnes & Noble -Trafford Publishing)

If you are interested in reviewing these works, sponsoring an event or book signing by Dr. Sandra Billingslea and Jeffrey Dean Swain, please contact Melsan Enterprises and Juris Doctor Publications, Inc, 12201 SW 137th Terrace, Miami, Florida 33186, (305) 278-8185 or 1-800-624-6848.  Please, send information concerning your next book fair or literary event!

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I am also a field supervisor for Barry University and an alumni.

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