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Written by

William Robbin

The Grumbler Chronicles, An anthology of smiles, contains the first thirty-eight episodes from William Robbins' weekly satire series hosted on his web site, The Sentence Structure. It features the adventures of Otis Grumbler and his partner Smog Boy that work as trash men by day and Super Hero "grimefighters" for a secret organization called "STINK" the rest of the time.

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Together, with a host of other characters, they work as agents for Cleanliness in an attempt to battle the forces of grime whenever they imagine them to exist.

Between crusades, they find time to explore the meaning of life and seek explanations for what they decide are its most important questions. Along the way, they offer up their own bent view of reality with a defiant loyalty to the stalwart conviction that sometimes truth and dementia can share a common frame of reference.

With a occasional irreverent detour, each episode seeks to discover the beauty abiding in all expressions of life. Above all else, The Grumbler Chronicles celebrates with a satirical devotion for the unusual, the precious quality of being different along with the subtle theme that despite life's difficulties one can still smile as there is hope.

On interviewing bill about his book it was discovered that his passion for people and his relentless pursuit of the meaningfulness of life elevates him above ordinary people. He has powerful determination to survive desite the odds. "No matter the problem, keep trying and keep on a smile," says William. He has written a powerful book of great inspiration.  -----   OUTCRY Magazine, 2002


William Robbins graduated Summa Cum Laude from California Baptist College with a degree in Biblical Studies. Thirty years of work experience in a variety of fields and occupations has given him an eclectic background that helped to shape his own unique brand of humor and philosophy.

In addition to the Grumbler Chronicles, he is author of six completed novels, tow movie scripts and over 1,000 poems. His poetry has received more than 40 awards, is featured on several poetry web sites and has been published in numerous anthologies. More of his writing can be seen at his web site: www.angelfire.com/wi/sentstruc

ISBN # 0-7414-1018-4, $14.95 Infinity Publishing.com To order, send check or money order to William Robbibs, 1316 S. Meadow Lane, #209m Colton, CA 92324 or call 909- 825-5910. Add $5 for shipping.

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