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A Story of Forbidden Lust - - -  by Brenda Billups

The Willow Tree dares to break convention in its approach to telling it's story, the story of a young woman's coming of age in a world that insists upon making each breath she takes a painful and arduous task.

To the outside world, Sara Xeres lives an idealistic life. She is beautiful, rich and talented. She looks as if she steps from the page of a fashion magazine. But it is all an illusion. Terrorized and sexually abused in her own home, Sara Xerses is desperate to belong to something, or someone. A victim of low self-esteem, and being treated as an outsider by friends and family led Sara to escape in to a netherworld of her own creation to maintain her sanity. By chance, a stranger enters her world, shattering her illusion of security. Because he is aware of her torment, he recognizes her ritual for what it is. His understanding leads Sara to believe that only his love freely given, will release her from her pain. Thus, Gregory Forbes becomes the object of her obsession. But Gregory only sees her as strange, arrogant, rich and tries unsuccessfully to flee from her affections.

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Brenda Billups

Sara, the main character, represents the fighting spirit in all of us. She refuses to allow the odds to negatively affect the outcome of her life. Yet, not even Sara can overcome the far-reaching cloak of destiny from covering her world.

The Willow Tree takes the reader on a journey of Black classism. Invoked by the slave experience, it demonstrates the depths of confusion placed in the minds of some Black people, (such as Sara's mother, Mirah) who would at all costs, maintain her pseudo standing in the forced construct of American society.

. Sharply contrast to Mirah is Odessa, the mother of Sara's love interest, Greg. Odessa is the shining symbol of strength, honor, and integrity and the key that unlocks the door to Sara's understanding of her ancestors. Neither Greg nor Sara understands that it is far more than pull of young love that is forcing them . . . compelling them to be drawn to each other.

These contrasting ingredients come together to create an explosion of emotion that is bound to leave the reader in a huddled mass of ecstasy, joy and pain.

Published by BG & J Publishers, P.O. Box 270634, Las Vegas, Nevada 89127. ISBN # 0-96788340-0-7, 1999, 350 pages, $14.95

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