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An Excellent Job Search Guide

7,001 Resume - The Job Search Book by Ferris E. Merhish, Ph.D.

The purpose of this book is to discuss some of the real trials and tribulations of job search, and more importantly explore how you really get a job today in these uncertain economic times use our experience, ideas, observations, inventories, planning and information gathered from many other sources over the years. This information come from all over the country from many levels within various organizations. Use this book as a tool, a workbook to build the ammunition to win the battle of getting that job. This is one of the most important battles of your life.

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New and exciting Job search which discusses the real trials and tribulation of job search, but more importantly explores how you can "really" get a job today in these uncertain times. The applicant uses our experience, ideas, observations, inventories, information gathered from many other sources throughout the United States. The job searcher will use 7,001 RESUMES as a tool, if you will a workbook to build the ammunition to win the fight of getting that job!
The book will introduce the applicant to real world of job search. The book will explore Supply and Demand that can influence your job opportunities. One of the chapters discusses effectiveness and efficiency, Specialty Approaches in Job Search, Tracking, Career Planning, and exploring Assets.

You will also find in 7,001 RESUMES sources for Jobs, discussions on Self-Employment, and Temporary Employment. In addition, the book explores "Networking", and the importance of having a "Champion".

Furthermore, 7,001 RESUMES provides information on resumes, cover letters, follow-up letters, the pre-interview, interviews, multiple party interviews, cold call job search, headhunters, search costs, tax deductions, stationary, as well as how to dress. In addition, the book will provide the reader with companies to apply to, government positions, and addresses, and more.
We would like to think that we are going to introduce several new job search tools that can added to the arsenal of the applicant, like the Job Search "Newsletter".

All in all, we believe that 7,001 RESUMES will help you be successful in your job search. So if you have been "downsized", "right-sized", "re-organized, or just plain laid-off the make sure you invest in this outstanding job search tool to get you back on the right track..... 7,001 RESUMES is that tool!

About the author:

Gene Merhish, Ph.D (Business Management) is a High School, College, University, and Adult Education Teacher. He has been trained in Business Education. Over the years has been recognized as a Business Education Consultant for the State of California Department of Business Education. He operated one of the most advanced programs in the Western States it the Teaching of Vocational Education. Furthermore, he has been a President of an entrepreneurial Corporation, and has over 26 years in Business and Industry, and 15 years of military background. Also works as an consultant to business and industry


There are a great many source for jobs.  I will be discussing some of them here with you in this workbook.  I have suggested that over 80 percent of the jobs are gotten by techniques of networking.  But you should not rely only one source.  This section will not be priority, but it will suggest areas and how they may work for you.

Be A Good Listener

If you know little to nothing about  a subject, do not try to impress the interviewer with your stupidity!  No matter if it is politics, hunting, car repairs, or gardening, if the discussion comes up, just sit there and listen.

Mr. McPumper

The person that keeps cranking and pumping up and down.  Another you're-out-the door exercise.

A person used to work for one company or organization for their entire working career of about forty-five years. This is no longer true. There is little to no loyalty by companies to the workers, and the companies should expect to get none back from the employees. If you do not know which way to turn, turn to 7,001 Resumes - The Job Search Workbook, 275 pages, $19.95 (include $3.00 shipping and handling).

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