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Searching For Love Without Trust,by Dian Fields

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As the author of this book, I must say it was one of the most bizarre experiences I have ever had in my life. There were so many negative forces against me as I plowed my way through to get  the book completed. There seemed to be a little girl dictating the message and dark forces that tried to stop her and me from bringing this book to life.

I wanted a perfect book. It wasn't going to happen.

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Dian Fields

I was attacked through the whole process. It got to the point that either the book was going to be completed or destroyed. I let go, and trusted God to see it through. Through it all, I presented to you, my soul under fire, the  "Molested Angel."

This book is unlike any other book dealing with molestation. Though this book is a novel, it is much more than that. Molested Angel takes you on real life journey that electrifies your soul and quickens your spirit. The most important thing this journey reveals is that the molested experience is far more than a physical cause. As quiet as it is kept, this type of behaviors derived from dark forces seeking to destroy souls before the souls are fully developed to be known children of God.

Though this is an intense topic, this book gently and dramatically takes you through the experience causing you to be emotionally stimulated. You will feel emotions that have been silenced due to life's pains and sufferings. Molested Angel isn't just about molestation. It is about life and the hidden secrets of survival. When you begin to read this book, you will not want to put it down. You will actually become one with the book. What happens to you after reading it is profoundly a rebirth of self-awareness. Your spirit meets you once again.

This is a universal book. It reaches the molested, molester, loved ones of the molested. Also excellent for professional services, psychologists and anyone counseling molested angels. You will understand the experience and acquire genuine compassion for those who seek your help.

When this book was given to me to write, it was revealed to me that it would be a three book sequel. My upcoming book is titled: DAMAGED MERCHANDISE. The third is SAVING     ---------. I can't tell you, it will reveal too much of the plot of the journey. Don't forget, fasten your seatbelt.

Published by www.1stbooks.com  ISBN # 1410776298 hardback, 1410776301 - softback, 372 pages.

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