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Books by Emma S. Etuk, Ph.D - An Award Winning Author

Listen Africans: Freedom is Under Fire by Emma S. Etuk, Ph.D

In this fascinating study, award-winning author Emma S. Etuk focuses on one of our most cherished values and prevents a thought-provoking advocacy for freedom in Africa. With a sincere passion for human freedom, Dr. Etuk contends that Africans have a penchant, a natural love for human freedom. They despite autocracy.

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However, Africa's political leaders who succeeded the colonial rulers are the ones who, slowly but surely, opened the way for despotism, tyranny, and military dictatorship which, consequently, have resulted in Africa's economic woes and political failure.

Here, you will learn what were the concepts of freedom held by some African leaders such as:

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Tom Mboya and Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamidi Azikiwe of Nigeria, Leopold Sedar Seghor of Senegal, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela of the Republic of South Africa.

ISBN # 1-881293-04-1, $19.95

Friends: What Would I Do Without Them? Finding Real and Valuable Friendships in an Unfriendly World by Emma Samuel Etuk, Ph.D


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In this book, you will gain insights about friendship relationships which emphasize self-improvement, spirituality, self-esteem, guidance and personal growth. You will be led to fully understand the human experience, personal reflection, and spiritual enrichment in everyday life.

You will explore the meaning of friendship - friendship in the home, at the work-place, at the churches, at school and college. A unique and important part of this book is the chapter on friendship environment. Thus, this book reaches out to people suffering from social alienation, cultural isolation and drift. Here is a manifesto for anyone who has been lonely and friendless.

I will help transform our culture spiritually, environmentally and philosophically.

ISBN # 1-881293-02-5, $12.99

What's so good about Christianity? by Emma S. Etuk, Ph.D

What are its blessings, if any to human civilization? Has Christianity been a curse to mankind, as some of its harshest critics have asserted? Should any rational man or woman in the 21st century take this religion seriously?

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All things considered, Christianity has been a great blessing to mankind. It message of love and caring through persecution has been the best thing which God ever gave to mankind. With this immensely uplifting book, you will enjoy discovering and dwelling on the many blessings of Christianity.

The author gathers them into five categories to make them easy to learn and teach: Social Blessings, Political Blessings, Economic Blessings, Intellectual Blessings, and Spiritual Blessings.

Browsing through these pages, you will agree you are greatly blessed and will want to share this joy with your friends and family!

ISBN# 1-881293-00-9 , $19.95

Published by Emida International Publishers, Washington, D.C.

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