Gabriel Fenton, Joseph S.Stern III, & Michael Gray, C.P.A.
Employee Stock Options Book

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Synopsis of the book

You have taken the first step in maximizing your employee stock options. By opening Employee Stock Options: A Strategic Planning Guide for the 21st Century Optionaire, you have resolved to become a successful optionaire.

Having witnessed the highs and lows of compensatory employee stock options, from overnight millionaires to financial disasters, we have concluded that it is one thing to be a millionaire on paper, and quite something else to sustain it.

When you have completed the book, you will be able to:

* Identify and understand what type of employee stock options you have

* Determine when you should consider exercising your options

* Understand what strategies and actions you should employ for your options

Additionally, you should be able to avoid making common errors like:

* Exercising the "wrong" type of option, or exercising at an inopportune time

* Putting tax consequences in front of market conditions

* Not protecting your paper gains

Our motivations in writing this book came from observing that some of our clients initially tried to do their planning themselves, including educating themselves on all of the esoteric aspects of employee stock options. These clients spent so much time trying to research the complexities of employee stock options and managing their investments that they neglected their own jobs. We have created this book in order to make the fundamentals of these strategies accessible so you do not have to put in the time to go through the same arduous process.

This book will enable you to intelligently discuss strategies involving your employee stock options with your investment advisor, so that together you can make the appropriate decisions.


Gabriel Fenton & Joseph S. Stern, III

Recognized nationally as innovators in strategic planning for Employee Stock Options and concentrated stock positions, Gabriel Fenton and Joseph S. Stern, III are senior partners for a Corporate Service Employee Stock Option group with a major Wall Street firm.

As Portfolio Managers and Financial Advisors, Gabriel and Joseph’s primary focus is to address the wealth management needs of the founders and senior management of leading technology companies.

Gabriel Fenton has been providing investment advice for over 10 years. His emphasis is on building strategies to reduce concentrated stock and option positions and also estate planning. Gabriel is securities licensed on both coasts and maintains his Series 6,7, 63 and 65 licenses.

Joseph Stern focuses on building hedging and diversification strategies for individuals with highly concentrated equity positions. He seeks to build wealth for his clients through the use of alternative investments, such as derivatives, private placements and exchange funds. Joseph maintains his Series 7, 31, 63 and 65 securities licenses.

You may reach the authors at:

Michael C. Gray, CPA

Michael C. Gray founded his CPA firm, Michael Gray, CPA, October 1, 1996. Mike has been a CPA in California since March 1977. He received his BS in accounting and MBA at San Jose State University in June 1974 and June 1978, respectively. He is a past chairman of the tax committee for the San Jose CPAs and past member of the state tax committee for the California CPAs. He is also a member of the Santa Clara County Estate Planning Council, and is a lay member of the Santa Clara County Bar Association. Mike works with many individuals on tax planning for incentive stock options and non-qualified stock options.

You can contact Mike at:

Published by Stillman Publishing, 140 pages, ISBN# 0-9678668-0-4, $39.95 (plus $4 shipping, add $2 shipping for second book order)

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