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A Revolutionary Treatise Involving: Demise of Big Bang Cosmology - The Nature of Gravitation, Evolution and Reincarnation - Cosmic Purpose of Destiny

The New Cosmology by Harold W.G. Allen

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Although embracing subjects which might appear targeted solely to a scientific audience, it will have strong appeal to most readers, as it is really a treatise centered upon evolution/reincarnation.

In the process of resolving the problem of how to reconcile the concept of a God/Creator with a vast and mysterious physical universe, the author soon found himself in possession of unprecedented insight into gravitation and radiation propagation - revealing several travesties of science which have served to preclude a solution to a host of celestial mysteries.  Of headline importance, The New Cosmology will be seen to positively rule out the popular Big Bang model of creation!

Topics include a brief but informative discourse on astronomy and physics, along with discussion of how biological evolution may be integrated with the principle of spiritual immortality.  (Where, for instance, can one draw a line as to when emerging man is capable of rebirth - to the exclusion of other evolving life forms?) Inherent in the solution is a deduced reincarnation cycle of mankind - expressed in terms of earthly years - which is directly related to the rate of expansion of the universe!

An earlier work, The Eternal Universe, was praised as "a startling book to treasure" by a prestigious astronomy journal.  A subsequent work, Cosmic Perspective, featured additional research in support of his revolutionary views.  Now , in The New Cosmology, the author presents crushing new evidence against the Big Bang creation model.  Not only do studies of type 1a supernovae confirm a "repulsive" side to gravitation (the formula for this inferred force had already been published by Allen), but one of his predicted "Small Bang" creation sites has since been discovered by astronomers in the form of an otherwise enigmatic object known as 3C295.

Perspective Books (ISBN: 0-9624555-4-7) hardcover, 224 pages, illustrated $19.95

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