#1 Hospital Management Crisis: A Shocking Revelation in an autobiography of a former hospital manager. Attention: Surgical Patients, Hospital Emergency Room Patients and Ambulatory Care Patients  - - Amazing stories about poor patient care!

Hospital Management In Serious Crisis by  'Yinka Vidal

A shocking revelation regarding hospital management crisis impacting patient care in the book, Overcoming the Invisible Crime - must read before you check in, or you may not be able to check out! Amazing stories of poor hospital care -- A Press Report.    (OUTCRY Magazine #10)

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Hospital Management in   Serious Crisis!

Before Checking into a Hospital -- Read This Book about Poor Hospital Care!

Presently, there is serious understaffing in many hospitals due to some of them changing from "not for profit" to "profiting hospitals." Staff reduction has created not only great stress on those working in the hospitals, but has also opened a wide door for serious errors to be made by those taking care of patients.

The hospital's desire to make more money is now more important than ever and patients are paying with sufferings, neglect and in some situations, with their lives.

Any health care worker will tell the public that each time he/she is under stress to do more with less, disaster strikes. It is therefore important for patients to take serious precautions while being admitted to any hospital or even with the attending physician.

A book to be read by surgical patients, emergency room patients and ambulatory care patients about poor hospital care.

Overcoming the Invisible Crime by 'Yinka Vidal, published by Lara Publications (800-599-7313) is the painful biography of a former hospital manager about his experience while working in the hospital. He tells the unbelievable story about patients suffering a mishaps,  and how patients can protect themselves from hospital disasters.

The book gives an inside look behind the doors of some hospitals exposing serious problems incurred in hospitals in their processes to reduce staff and generate more profits and thereby compromising the quality of patients' care.

The book also discusses the painful issue of institutionalized abuse and the emotional damage from work place politics.

"Don't accept to be victimized because your life is very precious"

"It was supposed to be a mission of mercy, now it has turned to a business for the greedy." says the author.

"I painfully learned to rise above institutional abuse." 'Yinka Vidal.

Follow these guidelines

1. Never check into hospital alone. Go with somebody, except if it is a matter of life and death.

2. Before going to hospital for surgery, make sure all lab tests are done and analyzed by the attending physician prior to surgery date.

3. Talk to both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist before surgery.

4. Understand what's being done and for what purpose.

5. What are the medications to be taken after surgery and for how long.

6. Be sure your insurance covers your procedure.

7. Let your nurse and doctor educate you about your post surgical care and management.

8. Don't be afraid to ask for your doctor's qualification or whether a surgeon has done the procedure before -- you don't want him to practice on you!

9. Ignorance has caused many people a lot of harm in hospitals. Educate yourself about your disease and the clinical management.

10. If you are not sure of your doctor's opinion, have the boldness to ask for a second opinion.

11. Complain about poor hospital care.

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Don't be a hospital casualty, be prepared. Empower yourself with information!

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This is a great help for surgical patients, emergency room patients and ambulatory care patients  about poor hospital care

Overcoming the Invisible Crime is a Disaster protection plan for surgical patients, emergency room patients and ambulatory care patients about poor hospital care -- get your own copy today!.

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Read about the solutions to medical errors, help is finally here in his new book:101 Ways to Avoid Hospital Mishaps and Prevent Patient's Deaths, by 'Yinka Vidal the author of Overcoming the Invisible Crime.