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Jan Cooper,Ph.D

This is perhaps the most unusual book you will ever read - and I might venture to add, the most interesting.

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Jan Cooper has the unique ability to lead you through an imaginary universe of fascinating ideas, all of which have their foundation in truth and substance.


It is a rare gift to be able to elevate us into a dream world and at the same time keep our feet onto the firm earth of reality.

As you read this book, you will agree with me that this is an act of sheer genius.

I offer only on warning. Do not expect to star reading this book unless you are free to continue to the end.

It is fascinating from star to finish. I'm sure you have never read a book quite like it.

Cavett Robert

Jan Cooper's CD

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It is true that every life has important meaning for existence. Jan Cooper uses his book, Argument  With An Angel to reaffirm human need for the confirmation of God's existence and how his life's journey has been influenced by divine power from above.

When bad things happen, we sometimes think we are alone. Argument With An Angel is a very powerful book for spiritual inspiration.

OUTCRY Magazine, 2002


Audio Tape

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Very Inspirational Tape

Jan Cooper's Audio

The Renaissance Man

The Success Equation For A Creative Life

About the Author, Jan Cooper

Jan Cooper, an internationally acclaimed artist has found time to be an art teacher, an author of three books, a magician/ventriloquist on a children's TV show, and an auctioneer. He is the winner of the International Ward from Manuscripts International, and recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge. Currently Jan teaches and writes near Sacramento, California.

Highly Inspirational Collections by Jan Cooper Ph.D

CD Pray For America #1 Pray For America #2,  both in one CD, $15

Audio: "Jan The Renaissance Man" Cooper, The Success Equation For A Creative Life, $15

Book: Argument With An Angel, ISBN #0-944031-63-3, $11.95

Please add $5 shipping to each order. To Order Send Check or money order to: Cooper Associates, P.O. Box 18, North Highlands, California 95660.

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