The House on South Street

by John L. Bisol

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The House On South Street

What goes on in your house? Do you ever fight with your family members? Has a relative or a guest upset you lately? Are these just "family incidents" or the precursors of things to come? In The House On South Street, I examine and detail how past incidents, past residents and past influences came together to form a house of sadness, misdeeds and truly great evil.

There is more than just a "simple haunting" contained in the story, this is the story of a power contained in the house that can kill. If it were just another story about a New England mansion gone bad, or a wispy image, it would not be worth detailing, but I do detail. I speak of bodies in unmarked graves, deeds foul and unspoken, and secrets kept for ages. There are the tales of strange deaths and even stranger homeowners and their misfortunes, and finally, even unsuspecting family members become involved in real encounters with both the unseen and the unknown forces that live on.

This is no usual mention of teacups flying, (none do), but the story of a house that lives on, even today, waiting for its next set of psychic victims. 

Evil lives in the house on South, waiting to devour all who live within it walls. Each and every family who has ever owned the stately Victorian mansion has experienced tragedy and misery there, seemingly caused by the sinister spirits that haunt the place to this very day.

Seekers of the paranormal won't be disappointed in the story of the house. Sometimes the activities of the evil spirits within the premises are so subtle, unbelievers can easily explains away their handiwork, but at other times, ghostly creatures burst upon the scene with such inexplicable, supernatural fury, it's nearly impossible to find a rationale explanation for the havoc they wreck. In all cases, the spirits within the house are obviously bent on controlling and possessing the very soul and destinies of all the people in their midst.

Readers, be warned. Once your enter The House in South Street, you may find yourself looking at eerie old houses in a new way and thinking more about that subtle movement of a curtain or a shadow that crosses in front of a window.

Published by Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc, 643 Smithfield St. Pittsburgh, PA 15222.   ISBN # 0-8059-5709-X, 80 pages, $9.00, softback. Tel: 412-288-4543. Fax: 412-288-1786

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