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Katherine Moore Story: The Tragedy of American Politics!

When I was six years old, my grandfather was struck by a car and died in my arms. I became a single mother of two children age 16 years and 18 months old when my husband abandoned us. A year later, my brother whom I had loved as my own child committed suicide. He was 26.

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I have known pain, grief, disappointments, racism, poverty and hunger; but nothing in my life prepared me for the ten years that I have served on the city council in a mid-size North Carolina town.

As I prepared to join the council, I researched newspaper articles and minutes of meetings. I was appalled to discover the blatant misuse of federal block grant monies that had been targeted for the poor. There were monthly charges of police brutality, including a dog choke collar being tightened around the neck of an elderly Black gentleman.

My book entitled, "Under Oath: Memoirs Of An Honest Politician" chronicles briefly my life before politics, my rise to Mayor Pro Tem of a city of nearly 100,000, and the 10 year nightmare that I have endured at the hands of corrupt politicians. Even my children have been victimized. My son who worked for the state has paid with his job. My daughter, a student at Harvard has experienced the year from hell, thanks to the "Long arm of the law."

My book also explores my journey in my Catholic faith that has given me the strength to keep going God's way.

Published by Eastern Publishing Inc. ISBN # 0-9702233-0-7,   190 pages, $14.95. To order contact Katherine Moore, Eastern Publishing, P.O. Box 1643, Wilmington, NC 28402. Call: 800-548-0567.

E-mail Katherine Moore: Medugorje@hotmail.com

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