Co-dependency and Healing a book by Rachel Lieberman

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Co-dependent's Journey to Heal the Wounded Soul

by Rachel Lieberman

A Leaf Falls: A Bud Blossoms: One Co-dependent's Journey To Heal The Wounded Soul.

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Codependency is a toxic disease due to loss of self - -- loss of the feeling of anything positive about one's self, and self esteem. It is usually caused by history of events causing shame, guilt or fear, usually of family origin.

Television talk show hosts like Oprah have helped people to open their hearts and minds to self-healing and self understanding.

An intriguing story of self healing by the author: Rachel Lieberman.

The processes of recovery and healing from codependency are my gifts to you. This book shares my experience, strength, and hope, was inspired from my Higher Power and all the amazing supports given by people in my life.

"You can't imagine the effects of childhood painful experiences until you read this book." OUTCRY.

As codependents, we view ourselves as victims of circumstances rather than feeling responsible for our own happiness. We have difficulty expressing feelings, constantly experiencing the fear of abandonment, and unable to ask for help. We suffer from deep-rooted shame and feelings of inadequacy --- we feel lost and empty.

This book will help you to become aware of codependency dysfunction, gives you direction in life. You will learn how to set on your own pathway to self healing, recovery, and able to enjoy life again. You don't have to be imprisoned by emotional pain of depression and despair, you can learn to take control of your life and be happy. Take it from me, I have been there.

" To reveal her weakness, failures and struggle to overcome codependency is an act of courage. To do so in the hope that others may be helped is an act of faith. Rachel Lieberman has a passionate and insightful message to share with us. Her story sees her climb, grow, and emerge into the light of healing and wellness. One can only admire her strength and applaud her." --- Rabbi Simcha Freedman.

Author Rachel Lieberman is a retired school teacher residing with her husband in South Florida. She is a certified Hypnotherapist and does volunteer support group and Hospice work. She and her husband enjoys six grandchildren.

Published by: My Inner Child Creations, (ISBN# 0-9657142-0-9, 220 pages, $13.95.) Rachel Lieberman, Suite 144, 3840 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Deerfield Beach, FL. 33442. For book order, or to schedule a talk show, call 1-561-393-6934.  For Fax order:1-(561)-338-9108 or send E-mail using the address below.

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