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Social & Political Issues

1. Money Talks O.J. Walks by Martha Ivery. $13.95

2. 64 Years To Make A Negro by Alfred Ali. $12.95

Teenagers in Trouble

3. Hard Times, by Janet Bode, stories of teenagers doing hard times in jail. $16.95

4. Trust & Betrayal: Real Life Stories of Friends and Enemies, by Janet Bodie. $15.95

5. Scapegoating, -- About society's war on children, by Mike A Males. $17.95

Human side of management: For women, managers, supervisors & CEOs

6. Chances and Choices -- a successful female executive, by Janet C. Wylie. $25.00

7. Leadership with a Heart -- the human side of management, by Nancy Mercurio. $12.95

Losing Weight without Dieting

8. Healing the Hungry Self: Diet Free Solutions for Weight Management by Dr. Deirdra Price. $20.00

9. The Feel Good Food Guide by Deborah Page Johnson -- designed excellent recipes of low fat and low calories for people with food allergies. $18.95

Campaign Against Sexual Abuse of Children

10. MOLESTED: Sins of Her Parents by 'Yinka Vidal -- how to heal a wounded heart and shattered life. -- to be released in winter 1998).

Power of God, Issues of Spirituality and Affirmations

11. Forgiveness & Jesus -- The meeting place of a course in miracles and Christianity, by Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. $16.00

12. The Message of A Course in Miracles, All Are Called Vol. I & II by Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. $22.

13. The Most Commonly Asked Questions About A Course In Miracles by Gloria and Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. $8.00

14. A Vast Illusion Time According to A Course in Miracles by Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. $12

15. Awaken from the Dream, A Presentation of A Course in Miracles, by Gloria and Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. $10

16. Sisters of the Thirteen Moons -- Rituals Celebrating Women's Lives, by Jeanne Brinkman Grinnan, Mary Rose McCarthy, Barbara S. Mitrano and Rosalie Muschal-Reinhardt.

17. Journey To A Place Among Faith-filled Women: -- A Journal by Jeanne Brinkman Grinnam, and others.

18. Journey To The Divine Within... A Journal by Jeanne Brinkman Grinnam, and others.

19. Maitreya's Mission -- looking into the future of our existence, by Benjamin Creme. $18.00

20. Divine Light Eternal Life -- Experiences and reflections of a mystic, by Ralph Kish. $11.95

21. An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels by Pierre Jovanovic. $21

22. Angel Talk by Ruth Crystal. $18.

23. How Can God Allow Such Things? by Dr. Richard Steninpach. $7.95

24. A Journey to the Other Side of Life: Understanding Your Emotions in the Pursuit of Love, Healing, Freedom and Peace by Kevin Lane Turner. $24

25. The Ultimate Power by Ken Vegotsky -- a near death experience. $14.95

26. My Patient-God's Gift: Mariette, a Saint for Old Times by Mariette Do-Nguyen -- God's revelation to her about Vietnam. $14.95

27. Reclaiming the Shadow Self by Christine Breese -- a powerful book which takes the reader on a journey of self discovery and spirituality. $15.95

28. There Is Someone Out There by Yisrayl Hawkins -- answers the enduring questions about the existence of God and other beings. $24.95

29. Soaring to New Heights on the Wings of Eagles by Carleen Franklin and Sarah LaPlant -- motivational speakers using affirmations for gaining power and success. $9.00

30. Banished --- From The Sandbox by Jay -- discusses the meaning of life, and a process of self discovery and spirituality. $19.95

Sex, Love and Relationships

31. Keeping Sex Extraordinary, (sexually explicit and educational video for couples) by Dr. Sandra Scantling (Sinclair Institute). $29.95

32. Getting Creative With Sex, (sexually explicit video and educational video for couples) by Dr. Sandra Scantling (Sinclair Institute). $29.95

33. Discovering Extraordinary Sex, (sexually explicit and educational video for couples) by Dr. Sandra Scantling (Sinclair Institute). $29.95

34. Secrets of a Mistress: How to Have an Exciting Love Affair with Your Man by Rose Smith. $12.95

35. In Search of Goodpussy by Don Spears. $13.95

36. 1001 Ways to be Romantic by Gregory Godek. $14.95

37. Best Kind of Loving: A Black Woman's Guide to Finding Intimacy by Dr. Grant. $13

38. Sacred Sex: How to get your lover to worship you in bed. (sexually explicit video by a married couple) produced by Marilena & Paul Silbey. $40

39. 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex! by Laura Corn. $29.95 (national best-seller)

40. Encouraging Interracial Marriages by Peter M. Rinaldo. $14.95

41. God and Sex Too, The Novel by Dr. Dean Dauw -- narrates the experience of a virgin priest listening to confessions including some social-sexual sins. $24.95

Money and Business

42. Everybody's Money Book -- Everything you need to know about investing wisely, buying a home, financing college, minimizing taxes, planning retirement, by Jordan E. Goodman (Wall Street Correspondent, Money Magazine).

43. How To Become Financially Independent by Joseph Peter Simini. $14.97

44. Guilt By Association: A Survival Guide for Homeowners, Board Members and Property Managers by Jordan I. Shifrin, (attorney at law). $19.95

45. Car Buying 101 -- The hour it takes to read this book could save you hundreds of dollars, by Myra Dee Anderson-Dunn & Keith Dunn. $6.95

46. The Ultimate Lesson: How to teach Yourself Anything by Art Niemann. $14.95

47. Best Deals in America -- tips on saving money while shopping, by Tony Trupiano. $19.95

48. On the Horns of the Beast -- Federal Reserve & the New World Order, by Bill Still. $14.95

49. The Chain Gang -- how the big businesses are destroying the small ones, by Richard McCord. $24.95

50. Marketplace Communication -- effective techniques in corporate communications, by Merrie Spaeth. $17.95

51. The 900 Business Survival Guide by Scott Elliot -- things to avoid in 900 phone business.$17.95


52. The Twelfth of August -- Authorized Biography of Buford Pusser, by W.R. Morris.

53. The Sculptors O'Connor -- Biography of two great sculptor-artists, by Doris F. Soderman. $27.95

54. The Quality of Mercy-- War is hell, but in hell there is humanity, even mercy -- life as a POW in a German naval hospital, by Louis Schureman Means (First Lieutenant, Air Corps). $19.95

55. The Dream Spoilers -- A quadriplegic's nightmare, by Elizabeth Means with John Davis. $12.95

56. Fall of the House of Gacy -- biography of a serial killer, by Harlan Mendenhall. $12.95

57. Where the Heart Is: Stories of Home and Family by Chick Moorman. $14.95

58. The Rainbow Connection: The Mystical Child by Janet B. Simmons -- stories of a childhood experience. $19.95

59. Elizabeth: A True Story by Elizabeth Mei -- inspirational story of a lady coming out of coma. $13.00

60. Today's Secrets Of Survival by Anolia Orfrecio Facun -- surviving difficult times. $15.95

61. The Real Police: Stories from the Crescent City by James S. Prine -- different exciting stories of police officers on duty. $12.95

62. Overcoming the Invisible Crime by 'Yinka Vidal -- story about crises in hospital management while endangering patients' lives, dealing with stress in hospital work, learning to deal with anger and despair, and channeling negative energies to positive outlets. $19.95

63. DANIEL: a Portrait of a Sexual Healer by Christine Breese -- discusses her sexual abuse and how she discovered the healing ground. $15.95

Health Issues: Dealing with Illnesses

64. The Psychology of the Artist -- learning to deal with stress to prevent all diseases, by Sheldon Cholst, M.D. $14.95

65. ESSIAC- A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy by Cynthia Olson and Dr. Jim Chan. $11.95

65. Australian TeaTree Oil Guide- First Aid Kit in a Bottle by Cynthia Olson. $11.95

66. Don't Drink The Water -- our contaminated drinking water, by Lono Kahuna Kupua A'O. $14.95

67. A Leaf Falls... A Bud Blossoms -- One Codependent's Journey To Heal The Wounded Soul, by Rachel Lieberman. $13.95

68. Beyond The Dark Cloud -- A road to recovery from chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction, after 25 years, by Thea Schlosser. $19.95

69. Mercury FREE -- The wisdom behind the global consumer movements to ban "silver" dental fillings, by Dr. James E. Hardy. $16.95

70. Life Isn't Just a Panic by Anita Pace -- dealing with panic attacks. $13.95

71. Affirmation for Getting Well Again by O. Carl Simonton, M.D. --- self healing through affirmation. $24.95

72. Up From the Ashes: There is Life After a Stroke -- how he survived a stroke. $14.95

Investigative Reports

73. CONDOM NATION: Blind Faith, Bad Science by Richard A. Panzer -- serious problems of sex education in grade schools. $12.00

74. Ashes to Ashes: Families to Dust by Dean Tong --- he was falsely accused of child molestation by his ex-wife in a custody battle. $15.95

75. Death by Media by Tony Vercillo -- exposes the destructive power of the media. $4.99

76. MOLESTED: Sins of her Parents by 'Yinka Vidal -- learn to protect your children from unspoken crime -- an investigative report of incest within a family and the impacts on the lives of the children who lived through it -- coming out in winter 1998). $17.95 Job Search

77. The Very Quick Job Search by J. Michael Farr -- how to get job quicker. $14.95


78. We Are Not Gathered Here Alone - a story about Indians in Tulsa, by Donovan Hamilton. $125.00

79. Those Magnificent Old Steam Fire Engines by W. Fred Conway -- history of the fire engines. $29.95

80. Tradition & Remembrances: Anthology of Traditional Proverbs by Mary Kuhtik -- a collection of Slavic proverbs. $10.00

81. Next Door To Power by G. Wayne Dailey -- history of the US. vice presidents. $11.95

82. Testimony of the Twentieth Century: Before and After the Berlin Wall by Marie Ueda -- a photo journalist, and a foreign correspondent's account of the Nazi War. $70.00

Self Help

83. People Who Prey -- warning the public about predators, by William J. Turman. $9.95

84. Success: It's Your Birthright by Larry Adebesin with Denise Adebesin -- how to achieve success in life. $12.95


85. The Refuge Of Night by Mike Cervello -- a highly entertaining fictional book about a vampire working for the F.B.I. $4.95

86. ABEND-94 -- story about Arizona leaders, IRA operatives regarding money, power and sex, by Marc Ogle. $10

Science and Enduring Questions

87. Basics of Electricity by Leo A. Meyer. $17.50

88. Airflow in Ducts by Leo A. Meyer. $17.50

89. Math for the Technician by Leo A. Meyer. $17.50

90. Secrets of gravity and Motion by Henry H. Gwillim -- he challenges the theories of Einstein and Newton by his fascinating theories of motion and gravity. $12.95

91. FACE ON MARS by Harold Allen -- revels in a science fiction what the astronomers found on Mars. $10.95

92. My Opinions: Incest and Illegitimacy by Alfred Jordan -- he challenges the existence of God. $9.95 Vacation Time

93. Colorado Cabins, Lodges, & Country B&Bs by Hilton and Jenny Fitt-Peaster -- tips about where to find good vacation spots in the Colorado mountains. $17.95

Children's Books

94. Perfect Harmony -- A book to help kids grow, by Christopher Quimonsieur. $6.95

95. Digger Gets Help -- A story about sexual abuse for children, (with color illustrations) by Lia Brewer. $12.95

96. The Night Of The Willies (with color illustrations) by Professor "Smart" Auklick. $12.95

97. Dr. Nim And The Strange Quest ( with color illustrations) by Tommy L. $11.95

The World of Poetry

98. Moments In Time -- poems expressing different moments of life, by Gil Saenz, illustrated by George Perazza. $8.00

99. All That Hums: Poetry and Lyrics of Ray Underwood (deceased) photographs and art by his mother, Rilla Underwood. $29.00

For nonprofit Organizations

100. Fund Raising & Marketing in the One-Person Shop -- Achieving success with limited resource. Every nonprofit organization needs this book to survive, by Michael J. Henley & Diane L. Hodiak. $29.95

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