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Legacy of a Gangsta

Mackdaddy : legacy of a Gangsta by Darrell A. King Sr.
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The novel "MackDaddy: Legacy of a Gangsta," is a tale which chronicles the tumultuous life of DiAngelo Lovett, an intelligent and enterprising young man who embraces the dangerous world of drug trafficking and street gang affiliation. Set in Brooklyn, New York during the early 1970’s. The story begins with the Lovett family’s humble beginnings in the harsh projects of Fort Green. Early on in Elementary school, the young Lovett brothers Paco & DeAngelo face daily challenges from the neighbor hood bullies & toughs who direct constant aggression toward them because of their bi-racial ethnicity. Though life in the ghetto proves to be unpleasant at best for the young boys due to the fistfights and impoverished conditions, In due time the brothers come of age, gaining the respect and even admiration of their little thugged out peers.

A steady diet of back ally brawls instill hardcore courage within DiAngelo & Paco, thus setting them up for a main course in future criminal activity.

While older sibling Paco joins a street gang and ends up going to juvenile corrections for armed robbery & murder. Their mother, Ms. Lydia Lovett distraught over her older son’s rowdy behavior & subsequent arrest & incarceration entrusts her sister Jennifer to lend a helping hand in the proper upbringing of young DiAngelo. However unbekowns to Lydia, her sister Jennifer leads a wild, unrestrained life filled with bar room gambling, booze, drugs and all-night sex parties. The pre-teen DiAngelo is immediately enamored by the glitz, pomp and glamour of his Aunt Jenny’s lifestyle which stands out in stark contrast to the pitiful poverty and lack in which he experiences on a regular basis. DiAngelo begins formulating his own early schemes at gambling and street hustling which will bring in the type of money which will allow him to enjoy the same luxuries as his jet setting aunt. Eventually Ms. Lovett meets and becomes engaged to a man who whisks the family away from the troubles of Brooklyn, once Paco is released from the dentition center.

The Lovett clan relocate to South Central, Los Angeles California only to have the new father and husband murdered by area gangbangers. Paco & DiAngelo enraged over their stepfather’s murder and embittered over the unfair hand that life continually deals them sets out on a retaliatory mission to avenge their stepfather’s death. During this time the boys became acquainted with a large L.A. street gang dubbed the "Reapers" whose leader "Skippie Dee" takes the youngsters under his wing, introducing them to the complex & deadly world of Inner City L.A. gangs. As a result gunplay, blood shed & murder became everyday occurrences for the troubled teens. Arrest and conviction soon follow with both youngsters spending time in separate L.A. county juvenile correctional facilities. Upon his release younger brother DiAngelo in need of fast money & housing focuses his attention on drug dealing instead of gang affiliation and begins to net huge profits from the illicit business. But once rival dealers realize that DiAngelo’s business is profiting much more that their own, he much once more rely upon his street smarts, steel nerves and personal fire power to survive assorted attempts on his life in order to dethrone him. Unfortunately for young DiAngelo Lovett where he remains fortified against local competitors, he leaves himself venerable to police surveillance and yet another arrest.

This time, while imprisoned he is recruited by a corrupt LAPD Chief. The police are in cahoots with "Big Daddy Sergio Mendez" a Columbian born drug lord based in Seattle, WA whose cartel dubbed SCORPIO has aspirations of dominating the illegal cocaine trade of the pacific coast. DiAngelo helps the police chief in his efforts to spread Scorpio’s drug and influence throughout Los Angeles by eliminating all other competitors, in exchange for special perks, and a shortened jail sentence. But once DiAngelo realizes that he’d been duped into attacking members of his own fellow gang members, he launches his very own personal war against the corrupt police department as well as the powerful Scorpio cartel. With the help of the FBI and the police chief’s own daughter (who because of a strong romantic bond with DiAngelo allies herself with him) successfully bring the crooked cop, his department and the Scorpio cartel to justice. DiAngelo then bows out of the drug game, and devoted his time and energies to anti-gang activism. Toward the end of the story DiAngelo is slain by a drive-by sniper in an act of random gang violence. "MackDaddy: Legacy of a Gangsta", endeavors to reveal to readers the intricate, illicit and lethal world of street gangs, drug-trafficking, prostitution & murder, in the same gritty, uncompromising fashion as ‘Ghetto Lit’ pioneers Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim.


Article……..For "MackDaddy",

Motivation: What motivated me to write "street life" fiction was actual "real-life" experiences, coupled with the enjoyment of reading the literary works of past greats Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim as well as those of the genre’s more contemporary stars such as Vicki Stringer, Teri Woods & Shannon Holmes just to name a few. Of course Hip Hop in general and "Gangsta Rap" in particular influenced me greatly in developing the characters and story lines of my novels. But even more than that the personal interaction that occurred in my teens between me & drug-dealing relatives & friends drove me to begin writing about the briefly dazzling, yet always tragic life of the hustlers, balers & shot-callers of America’s desolute inner-cities.

Reader education: The novel "MackDaddy, Legacy of a Gangsta", seeks to reveal to the reader the inner workings of a young criminal mind set and details the complexities of street gang involvement, drug-trafficking & prostitution. Within the body of the work the reader shall be exposed to the disturbing trend of the urban violence, murder & incarceration that plague our poverty-stricken minority communities throughout the nation, fueled by the illusive pipe-dreams of hundreds of impoverished ghetto youths, desperately seeking an express lane route out of their unpleasant surroundings via the allure of instant wealth & status gained through drug-trafficking. "MackDaddy" is intended to take the reader inside the fold of a fictional South Central, Los Angeles street gang and investigates the harsh and often deadly life style experiences by the active youth members within.


Author's Biograpy

Mr. Darrell A. King Sr. has embraced the world of literature for nearly three decades now writing his first story at age nine. That particular story an adaption of J.R. Tolkien’s "The Hobbit" was published in the "Daufuskie Kids’ Magazine" a local quarterly periodical covering the lifestyle, customs, and culture of one of South Carolina’s low country sea islands. After relocating to Washington, DC in 1984, Mr. King continued his passion for writing and several years later successfully published several poems in The National Library of poetry’s 1995-1996 Anthology. Mr. King resides in Camp Spring, Maryland, with his wife Sonja and their children; India, K’linn, Andrea, Angel and Darrell Jr.

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