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Maitreya's Mission # III by Benjamin Creme (published by Share International Foundation, Los Angeles, 704 pages, $18.00).

This is a spiritual book discussing the teaching of the great master Maitreya. The name Maitreya symbolizes Jesus Christ. The author discusses the existence and power of human spirituality, which people hardly use. For most part, humans function from the physical level because of physical pleasure, ego, and material things. The author predicts the world is going to become more spiritual as people continue to develop spiritual awakening.

Contrary to popular notion of terror, disaster, and wars marking the end of the world, the author sees a different and better future for people. As we continue into a new time period with different changes around the world, he believes that things are going to get better instead of getting worse. For example, he predicts that our present economic system is going to collapse because it is based on greed and not on the welfare of people.

The is a spiritually empowering book, it gives a road map to acquire spiritual energy which is referred to as telepathy. With this power, many difficult things can be accomplished while operating within the guidelines of spirituality.

Maitreya's Mission is a spiritually very enlightening book meant for the good of humanity. (Contact call: Lynn Craft: (818)-785-6300. E.mail: