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Fixing the Slow Progress of Reducing Medical Errors

             Chicago Seminar on Medical Errors

Press Release: Chicago Seminar on Medical Errors - June 1, 2004

Lara Publications Seminar Program

Fixing the Slow Progress of Medical Error Reduction – Discovering the Missing Pieces in Solution Implementation

 The slow progress in medical error reduction after the Institute of Medicine report of 1999 is associated with many factors including the missing pieces of the puzzle. Join us in Chicago at a luncheon conference for fixing the slow progress of reducing medical errors. We will be discussing the result of the studies that identify the missing pieces of the puzzle of effective solution implementation to systemic failures and medical errors.

 Date: Tuesday June 1, 2004   Location: Best Western Inn of Chicago, 162 East Ohio Street at North Michigan Avenue, Downtown Chicago


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'Yinka Vidal, BS, MA. HASCP

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Anne McGuire, MD

Yinka Vidal, BS. MA. HASCP. - Research-journalist, author of three books and one of the nation’s leading pioneers of war on medical errors since 1977

 Ann McGuire, MD. - Rheumatologist, specialist in hospital quality improvement and regulatory requirements 

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Donna Johnson, BA.

 Donna Johnson, BA. – Time-management expert, corporate trainer and motivational speaker

 Jerry Raskin - CEO, ASKDATA System, educator and trainer of health-care workers 

    Topics: 1. The Anatomy and Prevention of Medical Errors and Systemic Failures

               2. Managing the Challenges Facing Quality Improvement Officers

               3. Fixing the Slow Progress of Reducing Medical Errors – Discovering the Missing Pieces

               4. Physicians Talking to Other Physicians About Medical Errors

               5. Presenting the New Book: Managing Crises on the Job While Fixing Medical Errors

               6. Time and Stress Management on the Job

               7. Computer-assisted Programs for Health-care Workers

      Reserve Yourself a Seat at the Chicago    Seminar - 2004

Buffet lunch is included during the conference

 Fee $299 ($199 for early registration), $399 at the door

Early registration must be by March 15, 2004

 Fax request to Lara Publications at 314-653-6543 or call 800-599-7313


 Reserve Yourself a Seat at the Chicago   Seminar - 2004