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War or Diplomacy?

The power of a nation relies not in the giant pile of war arsenals and nuclear bombs.

Neither does it depends on the boastful mouth of an erratic leader who threatens to destroy a nation of people with a nuclear bomb.

War rapes children, war rapes men, war rapes women, and war rapes older people. It renders children parentless.

Bombs tear people's body parts, cause their brains to explode with scattered body parts as innocent people are stripped of their clothes.

War devalues human dignity and exposes the evil of obsession.

The strength of a nation depends on the power of collective diplomacy to achieve the most positive outcome without the use of force.

At a moment of obsession, a good idea becomes very dangerous because blind ambition is the recklessness of human uncontrollable impulse.

Eventually, such uncontrollable desire leads to self destruction, otherwise Hitler should have won the last World War.

The battle to take over a city may be won with bombs, but the peace is always won by those who win the battle of political diplomacy.

The purpose of the United Nations is to seek peace not to be a broker of war or aggression against any particular nation.

Force may be used to deter aggression, but the primary goal of the United Nations is to seek peace through diplomacy instead of throwing bombs and killing under-privileged children and people.

In a civilized society, people expect great leaders to settle their differences with discussions, negotiations and compromise, but not by throwing bombs.

OUTCRY Magazine Editorial, Feb. 2003