Victimization of a President: Are the Panties Mightier than the Sword?

Paula Jones Versus the Executive Office of the United States

Paula Jones's lawsuit against the President of which deposition took place Saturday January 17, 1998 represents yet another saga of pushing the limit of liberty, and career destruction by "power of the panties." This constitute the mockery of the judiciary system, and the dangerous effects of propaganda journalism.

It is a gross misconception to think that Paula Jones's lawsuit is against Mr. Bill Clinton. Her lawsuit is targeted against the power of the Executive Office (the highest office in the nation) to show the world that she can effectively use "the power of her panties" to make a mockery of the system and put the entire judiciary system and the government of the United States to shame. If Governor Bill Clinton left office and ended up pumping gas somewhere, it is very unlikely, this lawsuit will surface. The only difference here is, Mr. Bill Clinton becomes the President of the United States. Her mission is to not only drag the President in the mud, but to also rub his face and that of the entire system in the sewer -- against her panties. The question is, why are we allowing her to do this?

The Supreme Court was Wrong

Undoubtedly, the ruling of the Supreme Court did not protect the entire nation by allowing a sitting president to go through a civil trial of which initiating events allegedly took place before he entered office. The implication is, the Supreme Court is inadvertently telling the world that the right of Paula Jones is more important than the collective rights of the entire nation and even the world -- making a mockery of the judiciary system. It has nothing to do with whether a president is above the law or not, this is not a criminal act -- it is a civil suit.

The trial could have waited and in effect help to deflate Paula Jones's ego and the media hype associated with the entire mess. The only interest served is that of Paula Jones and her hidden collaborators for political gains. What a crying shame!!! This is not justice but the abuse of the system!!!

Propaganda Journalism

Liberty is only cherished by those who know its limitations. It is therefore incumbent on those who choose to exercise such privilege to establish self censorship and control. The political propaganda machines of some radio shows create the illusion of excellent journalism, but the implication of garbage journalism and the erosion of common decency. And these fools call themselves conservatives! Give me a break!

Evidently the Oklahoma bomb is not enough to teach these out-of control big-mouths a lesson to cool their anti-government rhetoric on the radio. Their continuous attack on President Clinton now makes him a target for attack, and so Paula Jones's lawsuit ensued.

Political Gains will backfire!

Although Paula Jones may not be able to perceive the damage she is doing to the nation since she is over-wrapped in her own egocentrism, shouldn't somebody have tapped her on the shoulder for God's sake? Paula Jones's egocentrism and the political powers behind her will eventually pay a high price for making mockery of the President of the United States. The jury of history will not look at Paula Jones as a good woman no matter the outcome of this trial. She will retain her position next to other treacherous women of history who attempted and some succeeded in bringing down the men of power with "the power of their panties" like the story of Samson and Delilah.

The political powers that supported and financially sponsored this lawsuit against the President have ignited grenades and shot bullets that will backfire on them. Whether they like or not, they will all be subjected in the future to the same abuse this sitting President is subjected to bear. If American political machine will survive, this type of political propaganda must stop.

Who Will Pay the Price?

Contrary to what some people may be thinking, President Clinton is not the one to pay a high price for this madness, but those coming behind him and the women's movement. President Clinton more than any president has fought very hard for women's right and their economic prosperity. This lawsuit totally disregarded his achievements in this area and whoever gets in the office after him is bound to roll back women's gains over the years. Will you blame him?

Outcry of Sexual Harassment by Women has Gone too Far

The issues of sexual harassment by women have been over-stretched. Years ago, some working women were subjected to the pressure of having sex with their male bosses in order to gain promotion on the job. Some women willingly obliged to attain opportunities on the job after torturing the men with their "power of the panties." Most of these women got what they wanted including important roles in movies. However, when married women started crying home to their husbands because some of them have to sleep with their male bosses to retain their jobs, their outcries were heard in Washington and there was a law against sexual harassment.

Since the law was passed against sexual harassment on the job, feminist groups have redefined and over-stretched the rule. It not only includes a man asking for sexual favors from a woman, but may also include just asking a co-worker for a date, or giving a nice compliment to a women. Consequently, "the power of the panties" which was often used by women to seduce their male victims was turned to a dangerous weapon that has destroyed many careers, marriages, and even some businesses. In Paula Jones's case we are going to allow this to bring the United States to shame.

Cheers to Oliver North

Oliver North paid the price for the Iran Contragate -- where weapons were illegally traded for hostages to allow President Reagan to remain blameless. Many of us who worked as managers within corporations turned our heads the other way when we see certain improprieties going on. If a whistle is blown each time a worker spots wrong doing, many businesses would have gone bankrupt from lawsuits. So, many managers accepted to be the "Fall Guys" and paid the price for their bosses mistakes. The "Fall Guy" effect is an accepted business concept termed "passing the buck." Yes, it is not fair, but sometimes it may be needed.

Being a patriot is not just wrapping one's self in American flag and singing the national anthem instead of the Lord's prayer every morning. Being a patriot is sparing the nation the grief and the international embarrassment involved in such a case. In Paula Jones, such spirit may be lacking.

Good Girls Don't Tell Tales!

Paula Jones should have allowed the the matter to rest instead of her insistence to embarrass the President. Even if the incident happened -- just to create a hypothetical situation-- her lawsuit is grossly unjustified and ridiculous!!!!

For years we have seen women willingly dropping their panties for sport stars, musicians, movie stars, men in power, etc. Is the President's accuser an exception? Some women love and are obsessed with men-in-power. She can argue that she is not that type of a woman, perhaps some people will agree, many will probably disagree. However, she may not be able to convince a jury that a woman who has already known a man in a biblical sense, has been pleasured by the same male tool and evidently got pregnant through the same process, all of a sudden saw a celebrity's penis and would sustain such an emotional damage that she needed three million dollars for compensation!!!!! What a bunch of bull, Paula! The only way she would convince any sensible jury is either for Paula Jones to be a virgin, a lesbian, or the President is badly disfigured in his birthday suit like the "elephant man."

Tightening the Power of Control

This case of Paula Jones against the President will motivate some people in power positions to never allow themselves to be taken advantage of by some gold-digger women, and even some political dirt diggers. The value of democracy is to set a limit for human behavior and power and the same is true for those who choose to target people in political offices. A president should never have been subjected to this type of madness!

The non-dictator heads of States in other countries will utilize this case as a reason to set the limit of how far people are allowed to criticize a sitting president. On the other hand, the dictator head of States will utilize this case as a justification of their tyranny against their own people -- thanks to Paula Jones.

Patriotism of a Dying Soldier

Before his death, an American dying soldier in the battle-front told his comrades, "Tell them that I laid my life down to prevent my nation's embarrassment and to uphold my great pride for my country." Is Paula Jones a patriot?

Editorial by 'Yinka Vidal