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Clinton's veto

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President Bill Clinton makes history

Monday August 11, 1997 --- President Bill Clinton is the first American president in history to use the Line-Item-Veto granted him by the Congress to remove any part of the bill sent to him that were not in agreement with the primary intention of the original bill. From the new federal budget, he eliminated Medicaid spending benefits for New York, a provision to benefit a sugar processing plant from Texas, and another benefit for the overseas operations of financial institution services.

According to President Clinton, the veto will save the country millions of dollars and Mike McCurry; President Clinton's press secretary put the savings in number as close to 650 million dollars.

President Clinton said, "I want Washington to know it will no longer be business as usual under the old system because the rules of the game have changed." House speaker Newt Gingrich was quoted as saying that the president's action is, "petty politics."


Miami plane crash

Another plane crashed in Miami!

Thursday August 7, 1997---A DC cargo jet plane crashed in Miami International Airport on take off. According to the news from Miami, huge flames were coming from the site of the crash. There were four people on board and their conditions were not known at this time. Subsequently, the Miami International Airport is closed.

Few days ago, a Korean Airliner jet crashed over Guam with hundreds of casualties. This past couple of weeks have been bad for domestic plane crashes and people will now start to wonder about airline safety.


Follow up on this news indicated that the four crew members on board the plane perished, and the fifth victim is a person on the ground -- burned to death inside a car. The cause of this crash is not obvious despite all kinds of speculations.

Again in Miami, close to the same airport, (the second day following the cargo plane crash) a big truck fell on his back and bursted into flames.


UPS talks with Teamsters broke down! & The strike continues!

On Saturday 9, 1997 -- The Teamsters' negotiation with the UPS officials broke down as they both walked off the discussion table. People are afraid that the six-day-old strike which has disrupted parcel deliveries across the nation may be a protracted one.

UPS may be thinking of hiring replacement workers of which move may cause negative responses from the Teamsters. Ron Carey, the Teamsters President said Saturday, it was time the strikers started digging in.

According to local responses from St. Louis, some people said that this may be the start of a giant labor crisis in the United States since union's power to negotiate contracts has gradually eroded in the past ten years. Others said, the strike may have less impact on the national level because people are aware of the political mindset of the Republicans controlled Congress.

President Clinton so far has decided not to get involved and hoping for a peaceful resolution from compromise on both sides. He is expected in St. Louis early this week.


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