God's Divinity

When we trust only in our strength, that's when we fall

When we trust only in our knowledge, that's when we show our ignorance

Alone with God is a majority


God continues to speak to us

Are we going to listen or will the human selfish motives prevail?

May God give us knowledge to know our limitations

May He grant us His eternal peace......... Amen

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Witness of Heaven

"After death, I saw a great separation between my body to gain a much more divine spirit,

I unclothed myself off the flesh of human existence,

I abandoned my earthly glory and possessions as I look far beyond,

I started to hear a majestic and heavenly music with the sounds of drums and trumpets,

I saw a powerful light penetrating through a dark tunnel,

The closer I got to the light, the bigger the light,

Far closer to the end of the tunnel, the music got louder and more majestic,

I felt the giant elation of joy, peace, and   great tranquillity,

At the end of the tunnel with a glistering white robe stood my Savior,

Jesus  was stretching out his right hand,

With a great smile surrounded by a host of angels, Christ welcomed me home,

I was transported right into his heart as I touched the face of God."


Life is a temporary journey. Where are you standing at this point and time of your life?