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Press Coverage: Summer Internet World, July 21-25, 1997 McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.

Seminar by Palace Networking Computer Seminar

LaDanna Smith at McCormick in Chicago


The Chicago internet expo which took place in July attracted a lot of businesses interested in marketing on the internet. The expo included a display of many computer companies new gadgets; softwares, equipments, books, magazines and different services offered to businesses. Most of the companies came with a well organized strategy to educate consumers about their products, consequently, the exhibition floor was turned to different classrooms scattered all over as the expo visitors patiently sat down to be educated about new products and computer inventions.

Summer Internet World 97 was not only for display of new computer equipments, there were many workshops designed to educate people about using internet for marketing online. One very interesting workshop on Thursday conducted by Accrue Software, Inc. where computer experts Dan Janal (dan@janal.com )and David Lewis (davidle@farallon.com) discussed their secrets in evaluation the effectiveness of online marketing and quantifying Web ROI. The speakers stressed the importance of designing a website to be user friendly; well directed to the products/services, offers, and costs --- including special deals, and most importantly, a website map--- giving an overview of the site and how to get to different pages. Dan emphasized that, although a particular website may get many hits, these may not result to many sales if the site is not designed to communicating directly to site visitors or guide them to products and services. David added that, website designers should consider "content issue" and "delivery analysis" so, people can get to where they want on the web faster. An average internet shopper spends less than three minutes at a site, when he/she is confused or lost, exit door immediately becomes more attractive.

Dan Janal at Accrue Software seminar joined by David Lewis on web marketing.


Stay tuned for the comprehensive report on all the workshops coming up at a later date. Press contact Francie Coulter Director of Public Relations, Mecklermedia Corp. E.mail: fcoulter@mecklermedia.com or phone: (203)-341-2972.

The Chicago expo was produced by Mecklermedia - the internet media company, sponsored by Internet World, Internet.com and Webweek.

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