The tragic death of Lady Diana

On August 31, 1997, Lady Diana popularly known as Princess Diana of Wales was pronounced dead at 4 a.m. Paris time, 10 p.m. Eastern (U.S.A.) time after a car crash following a chase by paparazzi- the commercial photographers. The photographers were hinted about Princess Diana was in Hotel Ritz in Paris with her new lover; Dodi Fayed, the son of an Egyptian billionaire, who was instantly killed in the accident. According to the story from Paris, on leaving the hotel in a 600 Mercedes Benz, the photographer pursued the couple's car in a chase which reached close to 120 m.p.h and led to a deadly crash as the driver lost control of the car while being pursued by the photographers on motorcycles. Seven photo-journalists have been arrested from the scene and detained for questioning by Paris police.

The initial news from Paris did not raise any question about her fate because Princess Diana was said to have been in an accident with broken bones, deep cut to her thighs and some head injuries, her friend Dodi Fayed was said to have been killed. Furthermore, the news indicated that the driver of the car died and the only surviver was the body guard who was freed from the wreckage. But great shock ran through the world like thunder with the painful news of Princess Diana's death. According to news from the hospital, Dr. Bruno Riou officially announced the death of the princess at 6 a.m. in a hospital news conference. It was then that it became obvious that Diana's initial injury was very massive. She was said to have sustained heavy internal injury with massive hemorrhage and her heart stopped at the site of the accident which was later re-started by the paramedics on the way to the hospital. At the hospital, Diana's heart stopped again and the doctors immediately went to work. Her chest cavity was opened because of internal bleeding at which time it was observed she had severe injury to her lungs and cardiac ventricle. An emergency surgical repair was done to her ventricle as the doctors gave a continuous internal and external cardiac massage for two hours which failed to resuscitate the princess. Despite the elaborate medical treatment, Lady Diana died at 4 a.m. due to cardiac arrest secondary to massive blood loss from internal injuries about four hours after the accident. The princess was 36 years old.

Princess Diana officially ended her romance with Prince Charles a year ago after fifteen years of marriage due to personal differences. They had two boys; William who is 15 and Harry who is 12. Lady Diana has been searching for love for a long time, she was recently seen with Dodi Fayed. The photographers were therefore interested in taking more pictures of her with her lover as part of their tabloid journalism. Recently, pictures of Diana frolicking with her new lover have been printed in British tabloid newspapers. The paparazzi pursued the car in a chase till it fatally crashed killing the princess and her lover.

Today, the whole world is shocked to learn of the death of Princess Diana of Britain in a freak car crash in Paris. The world has just lost the most popular and kind hearted woman of the century.

Princess Diana Spencer of Wales died at the age of 36 in Paris after a car crash.

According to reports from Britain, the British television announced the death and played "God save the queen" over the Union Jack flying half staff, and then went off the air as it suspended service for a while.

'Yinka Vidal reporting for OUTCRY Magazine. August 31, 1997.

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News Update: Sept. 4, 1997.

Test reports on the dead driver indicated he was drunk at the time of the accident adding more to the mystery surrounding the death of the princess. People's anger turned to the driver while they wondered why a drunk person was allowed to drive the princess. One of the photographers at the scene said he talked to Diana after the accident to calm her down while the paramedics were on the way. It seemed unusual that such a person who sustained serious head and internal injuries as Diana will be conscious enough to have a conversation with anybody especially when her lung was punctured.

Diana and her lover were not wearing seat belts which could have made a big difference whether they lived or died. The only survivor was the body guard who was in front -- on the passenger seat where heavy damage was sustained, and still was not killed. Evidently, the impact of the crash ejected Diana and her lover from the back seats (which were untouched) and pushed them in the middle of the ruins crushing them.

According to report from Great Britain Lady Diana's funeral will be that of a princess which will take place on Saturday Sept. 6, 1997. The whole world will be watching.

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