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Book Reviews II

An Inspirational Story of Recovery from Stroke

The symptoms and signs produced by cerebral infarctions (using an old term) are called stroke. During the attack, there is failure of cerebral blood flow. The conditions are manifested usually by a vascular occlusion, which produce an infarct, or may produce hemorrhage causing local destruction of tissues. A focal lesion such as tumor or abscess may cause tissue destruction mimicking the symptoms of stroke. Most vascular occlusions are either thrombotic or embolic. Majority of thrombotic occlusions are caused by atherosclerosis, while embolics have wide range of origins. Whatever the case may be, the symptoms of stroke vary depending on the type. For example, in the hemorrhage related to hypertension, the neurological deficit evolves over a period of minutes to hours. Usually there is a sudden onset which gradually or rapidly proceeds to paralysis on one side of the body, inability to talk, dizziness, blindness in one eye or confusion, some patients may fall and become unconscious, others may go into coma.

Up From The Ashes: There is Life After a Stroke by Jim A. Young (Inner Path Publishing, Sarasota, FL., 144 pages, $14.95) is the true story of a man's experience with stroke after feeling as if his life had ended. Young relates how he fought back to wonderful recovery through the power of inner strength, psyche, and spirituality. The author shares his experiences from the onset of symptoms, to his hospitalization --- all the moments of great struggle, and gradual rehabilitation --- to recovery.

He discusses his encounter with an unusual treatment by Alex Orbito, whom he refers to as a "Psychic Surgeon," who performed "Spiritual Surgery" on people. The visual experience of watching Orbito perform on others was like magic and can only be understood by people who believe in the power of faith to heal the human body. Although the healer hesitated to continue with Young's treatment (for reasons unknown to the author), Young continued with other types of treatment, including a neuromuscular body worker, a massage therapist, biofeedback treatment, chiropractic treatments, and more. The book also touches the effects of his experience on his personal love relationship, and his discovery of a new person inside himself through spirituality as he attained peace, joy, and serenity. (Jim A. Young, (941)-955-5410)

Does Life Exist in Other Planets?

This philosophical question of God's existence has plagued minds by provoking emotions, and challenged religious faiths. For many years and probably before our time, we have observed evidence of possible visits by living beings from other places. However, with the limitations of our sensory systems, intellects, spirituality, and of course the arrogance of human ego as the crown of creation, such possibility remains more fictional than real. But as the goodness of human existence starts to fade due to violence, hate, chaos, war, greed, abuse of power, and wickedness, such eerie feelings looms over the fate of our continued existence. People are therefore exploring the power of their spirituality. Perhaps this may help them to reach out to other dimensions without leaving their earthly containers.

The Face On Mars by Harold W.G. Allen (Perspective Books, Spring Hill, FL., 238 pages, $10.95), the author of The Eternal Universe, tackles the question of possible life on Mars. The author creates a fictional adventure set on the planet Mars using elements of science and theology. The result is a highly entertaining book that educates and stretches inflexible minds. He presents another way for people to look at the universe in a setting almost forty years from now--- while analyzing the interesting discovery from the planet Mars by the astronauts.

The Face On Mars is an intriguingly entertaining masterpiece, blending science and fiction, into a giant intellectual space probe into mankind's' most enduring questions. If you love adventure stories blended into today's realities you will enjoy this book immensely. (Harold W. G. Allen, (352)-683-9412)

Survival in the Midst of Life Crises

To achieve any success in this life, one inevitable encounters obstacles. Sometimes these trying moments are so painful and emotionally debilitating. They may make someone feel as if life is about to collapse. But the more we learn to deal with these challenges, the stronger we get, the bigger we grow, and the better we learn to enjoy life. Knowing that other people go through periods of trial and tribulation may sometimes be comforting to those who believe they are the only one suffering. Like the old saying goes, "Every lizard crawls on its stomach, how can someone tell which one has a stomachache?" Essentially, everybody has a problem to nurse.

Today's Secrets Of Survival by Anolia Orfrecio Facun (What a Wonderful World Publishing, San Jose, CA., 197 pages, $15.95) is more than a story of the author's personal life; it is a well-designed lesson on how to find happiness and peace. The book starts with a list of vital ingredients for a balanced life, beginning with; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial. The author discuses the importance of keeping the physical body healthy and ways to achieve that objective. Another part of the book compares human brain to a fascinating computer, with an unbelievable power of reflexes, instincts, and impulses to protect us and process information. Tips are given on how to exercise the human brain and keep it healthy. The author goes on to discuss other ingredients needed for human survival.

Readers may be wondering why the first few chapters do not discuss the author's personal life; the answer is that she strategizes her book not to accentuate problems, but to promote solutions. Later, the book goes into the author's experience while facing difficult times on moving to the United States from the Philippines. As a nurse, the author exposes the horror of working in nursing homes and witnessing the poor treatments of the senior citizens which made her depressed. Her story tells her personal tragedies, including financial loss and painful moments of family crises. Giant strength comes from her faith in God and Christianity and the support of her husband. It is always very fascinating when a wife or husband writes about a spouse and about the power of love and friendship that have kept them together for many years of marriage and difficult times.

Anolia "Leah" has successfully written a very uplifting book that many people in difficult situations must read. She was a very fascinating author to interview. The cheerfulness of her voice will add to the powerful ingredients in her book for making her audience happy. (Anolia "Leah" Facun, (408)-576-1884)

Weapon of Divorce: Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

Anybody who has been falsely accused of a crime has experienced the emotional agony of fighting to clear his name. The phrase, "innocent till proven guilty" is just a meaningless legal jargon. Once the accusation is launched, the fire to incinerate the so-called accused has ignited from people's emotional reactions. The fire is started by those who hear the story and know nothing about the case, yet plan the public execution of a person yet to go on trial. Even when innocence is later established, an irreparable damage may have been done.

People should wonder, though, why a marriage which started with such a giant romantic fireball of love and powerful mutual attraction, sometimes ends in a blood-drawing battle. For the sake of vindictiveness, divorce to some people is a declaration of war; they will hit below the belt, even if it hurts the kids.

Ashes to Ashes: Family to Dust by Dean Tong (FamRights Press, Tampa, FL., 260 pages, $15.95) relates the experience of being falsely accused by his ex-wife of sexually abusing their daughter. He spent over eighty thousand dollars and five years to prove his innocence. The agony he experienced throughout the ordeal, and the emotional damage was immeasurable. The book offers many resources for fathers who have been falsely accused and suggests strategies for fighting back. Tong exposes the ease (describing other similar cases) in which a spouse, usually a woman, can use a sexual allegation as a weapon in a custody battle in today's courts.

Undoubtedly, these stories will sadden compassionate readers. Every parent going through a divorce should prepare by reading this book. But, how can a person with a conscience live with the guilt of making false allegations of sexual abuse against an ex-husband and still be able to sleep at night? At times, we question the motives behind human behavior inherent in wicked deeds. Many times the motives are embedded in vindictiveness, callousness, and selfishness, but never in love for the children. After reading this book, the question that comes to mind is: Why do we hurt those we love? (Dean Tong, (813)-885-6173)

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