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Book Reviews III

A Road Map to Success in Life

Fingers are never equal and neither are individual talents given to us by the Maker. But we are born with all we need through free will to succeed in life in whatsoever we dare to do. Some will vehemently argue with such a notion, but it's easy to observe why some people are conditioned to succeed and others to fail. Granting that some will have to try harder than others to attain the same altitudes as others, success is success. Sadly, a temporary setback in life may cause some people to surrender to endless emotional pain. They ended up baby-sitting their talents till the day they die, while weeping over their losses. Cheerfully, others with less talent and ability will achieve great heights due to determination and will. If a person can run in the New York marathon with wooden legs, why are people with both legs complaining? Many aspects of human success are based on positive conditioning, determination, and persistent efforts. "A man can be a master of his own destiny." William Shakespeare.

Success: It's Your Birthright by Larry Adebesin with Denise Adebesin (Life Enrichment Publishing, Burtonsville, MD., 136 pages, $12.95) have created a road map to success. The book is filled with many quotations from well-known philosophers, historians, Biblical voices, and many more. The book focuses on people taking immediate control of their lives to achieve their objectives. It teaches readers ways to condition themselves for success, to control their destinies, to develop qualities of excellence, to enhance health and vitality, to learn ways to get along with others, and to use love to cure all social evils. The book educates by use of proverbs, philosophies, and ideologies. The authors include such gems, "People reap what they sow--- every action is preceded by thought processes--- learn to forgive because forgiveness is the greatest revenge --- every decision we make is based on faith or fear."

The book is an excellent self-help tool for people who make excuses about their failures or are still drowning in despair from personal failures caused by somebody else. It will give them a road map to succeed in life so they can shut-up. (Larry & Denise Adebesin, (301)-847-1066)

The Night of the Living Dead

The legend of the vampire remains a historic myth to many who have examined the theory of the living dead. Yet, there are those who believe dead people walk around preying on innocent people by sucking their blood--- or that normal people can transform by their own uncontrollable emotions into vampires. We see vampires everyday on the streets! These are normal people walking around by day or night, bursting their heads with anger and looking for victims. They are not creatures from the world of the living dead ---they are normal humans. But because they are just plainly wicked monsters, they using guns as fangs to drain their victims of the red stuff.

The Refuge of Night: A Modern Vampire Myth With a Bonus Tale of Renaissance Terror by Mike Cervello (CVK Publishing, 70 pages, $4.95) is a fictional tale of a modern-day vampire who was recruited by the FBI and CIA as a medical student and later became a psychiatrist. The student Lena, was to work for the government using both her skills as a physician and her vampire power. Lena believes that she belongs to two worlds. At sunrise, she is transformed into a corpse and her soul goes to hell. At sunset, her soul is released to return to Earth until sunrise. This cycle goes on forever. The story follows Lena as she enlists, trains and prepares to work with the government special forces.

The author succeeds in entertaining the reader with a story that almost appears real. A wonderful gift for those interested in vampire stories. (Mike Cervello, (718)-533-7442)

Challenging the Theory of Gravity

When Sir Isaac Newton proposed the Law of Gravitation and Albert Einstein stated his Relativity Theory, they were considered geniuses. Today, as other people come up with different ideas about the universe, there are those who refuse to listen, preferring the old ways, even though such old theories may be faulty. People usually don't like changes or look at things in different ways- - -they prefer to hold on to old theories as gospel truths. Those pioneers of physics theories were not adequately challenged because there was no modern science such as that of today to challenge them. Even if today's ideas are different, we still owe it to the world of science to examine new ideas.

Secrets Of Gravity And Motion by Henry H. Gwillim (Gwillim Publishing Co., Phoenix, Arizona, 124 pages, $12.95) challenges Newton's and Einstein's theories of physics with a different approach to looking at the action of gravity. The book does not necessarily prove them wrong, but amends their theories. The author reviews the old theories of gravity, inertia, centrifugal force and rotating wheel, magnetic properties of mass, and the earth's rotational angle and how it utilizes the sun's gravity rays. Gwillim believes that Gravity Radiations were generated in the atom's nucleus and were radiating from, for example, a burning bush neutron, outward through the rotating electron paths. They received an inline spin from the rotating electrons and then radiated in a straight line to infinity. This is the author's explanation of gravity. He theorizes that the invisible gravity Rays were being generated within each atom and radiated outward, hitting other atoms. Forces contribute toward Gravity Radiations when gravity rays hit one atom, causing the second atom to generate centrifugal force from within.

The book takes an interesting approach on the theory of gravity and will be a great asset to college students, and especially, graduate students in physics, helping them re-evaluate the principles of the old theories of gravity.(Henry Gwillim, (602)-893-2250)

Effectively Marketing Your Business on The Internet

Internet business with a web site is not just an automatic license to sell. The web site must be promoted to generate traffic. Prior to business explosion on the internet, there were some pioneers who studied and started marketing on the internet. Since then, they have built a giant mall on the web. OUTCRY Magazine had the opportunity to interview Dr. Lant, the owner of World Profit Mall, and Sandy and George Kosch the technical managers of the mall. They have one of the largest malls on the internet with over three million visitors each year: WWW.worldprofit.com. E.mail, drjlant@worldprofit.com. Dr. Jeffrey Lant wrote a book: Web Wealth (JLA Publications, Cambridge, MA., 237 pages, $24.95), Cyber Wealth is authored by Sandra and George Kosh (Incor Publications, Edmonton, Alberta Canada, 114 pages, $19.95). Both books discuss how to effectively market businesses on the internet. Dr. Lant's book deals more with theories about web site marketing, how to generate traffic and woo potential customers to the sites. Kosh's book, on the other hand, deals with more the technicalities of building very effective web sites to attract customers. This highly useful book, is filled with many resources for marketing on the internet.

In evaluating Web Wealth and Cyber Wealth, both books are complementary to each other. It's almost impossible to use one without the other. Therefore, it is highly recommended for potential users to obtain both books for maximum effectiveness. Each contains a wealth of information about internet promotion using web sites for business.

Interviewing the three authors provided valuable information regarding their programs to help businesses promote their sites. For a site to effectively draw customers, it must be customer-driven, provide useful information from articles and other resources, create low-cost marketing for small businesses, and be interesting, updated and interactive. Their web attracts over 250,000 people per month with over 1500 different malls. It provides services for small or big businesses on the malls with many exciting offers. A full page advertisement for a year cost $199.95; a full-page and fax on demand is $329.95; a domain of 20MB, 10 e.mails with 1500 page capacity of information is $899.95. People with existing web sites can obtain a link for $199.95 and benefits from the giant traffic at the mall.

Dr. Lant indicated that a web site will not promote itself. Aggressive promotions both off and on the web made him and the other authors successful. They have the only search engine connected to a mall with value-driven promotion. For more information about his web site, write Dr. Jeffery Lant Associates Inc., 50 Follen street, Suite 50, Cambridge, MA 02138. Call, (617)-547-6372 or fax, (617)-547-0061. The mall managers can be reached at (403)-425-2466, www.worldprofit.com

Challenging the Christian God

We are at a time of moral confusion from---those who believe in the rights to life while simultaneously killing programs to help very poor live fetuses walking around---to espousing freedom of speech while severely punishing those whose ideas differ from theirs--- to standing up for welfare for the rich while killing dollars for the poor, and a few of political issues haunting our society. In the world at large we observe the continuing effects of war on innocent people and the devastations incurred. Why are some people living in superfluous affluence while others in developing countries are besieged by famine and poverty? The truth is that nothing about this world makes sense any longer because the primary control is in the hands of humans through free will and not God's desire. However, the weakness and the gross imperfection of man is no excuse for challenging the existence of the divine Creator.

My Opinions: Incest and Illegitimacy by Alfred Jordan (AL-Jay Publishing, Hope Mills, NC., 127 pages, $9.95) contends that the story about the birth of Jesus may be a hoax and then goes on to challenge the reality of the Christian God. He claims that Jesus might have been created through an incestuous relationship!

My Opinions as succeeds as a mere collection of arguments that challenge Christianity for skeptics who don't know God or have any spirituality in their lives. It is an interesting book for agnostics to add to their reasons for doubting the existence of God and poking fun at religion. Lord have mercy!

But to true Christians, this book is not only blasphemous, but a grave sin against the Holy Spirit. Challenging this collection is beyond the scope of this review. But man must differentiate between spirit and flesh-conjectural explanations and facts. God is wholly spiritual and man is made majorly of flesh with some spiritual existence. Seventy years from now, skeptics may want to prove that the internet created itself as a universe of information exchange. If a human computer (a human being) has billions of DNAs interacting with cells, hormones, nerves, blood, and other bodily components without any interference from human touch, (except for disease) how then can we attempt to claim that all these creations happen by accident of nature? Humans put the internet together and we see many flaws, sometimes the stupid thing doesn't even work right! Prior to this time, probably billions of years ago, (no living creature really knows), God put several human computer components together through cells in the miracle of birth. Each of them (humans) functions independently, and even granted the gift of free will, as the crown of creation. Now, after many years of enjoying God's grace and mightily creations and seeing the beauty of the galaxies, man wants a disclaimer from the Creator. What a very dangerous game of arrogance which led to Lucifer's rebellion and was immediately crushed by Holy Michael, the Warrior Angel.

God cannot be blamed for the weakness, stupidity, greed, selfishness, and the wickedness of man. But to deny His existence, or the manifestation in Jesus Christ is itself is a grave sin! Many times, human imaginations push beyond the realms of reality to the highest level of absurdity.(Alfred Jordan, (800)-390-2687).

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