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Book Review IV

Learning to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

One of the most common sins within a family is incest. People are too shy to discuss this hidden family secret. Yet, its horror continues to plague some families as a hidden fire burning the children. In some situations, the mother who is supposed to protect her children knows. She either refused to do something or is unable to do anything to rescue her daughter from the sexual predators within the family. Children discovering their body parts with excitements may be curious looking for such encounters. It is however not enough reason for adults to engage in sex with their children.

MOLESTED: SINS OF HER PARENTS by 'Yinka Vidal (Lara Publication, St. Louis-to be released late summer, 1997) is a five-year investigative report about sexual abuse within the family when some parents choose to have sex with their children. The book starts with solutions to the problem of incest and gives the reader powerful tools to prevent the situation from happening in the first place. When the situation is in progress, the author gives the mother strict guidelines and empowerment for immediate interventions to end the abuse. Yes, you can rescue you daughter!

This is the story of a family shattered by incest as the author tells the story of Susan Henshawl, MD. who was abused by her parents including her siblings and the results of the abuse. The reader is presented with the ways sexual abuse affects the lives of the respective children involved and how they managed to cope as adults. Susan wanted to take her father to court, but her brother and sisters were against it. Yet, in the end, she got her revenge with her father in the most unbelievable way which sent shock waves through the town.

This book teaches lessons to fathers (who want to molest their children) to watch out for the next time they get excited around their daughters. They may be facing the same ordeal as Susan's father. This is a very fascinating story no one should miss.('Yinka Vidal, (800)-599-7313)

Why Sex Desires Create Problems

The creation of human sexuality by God couldn't be primarily meant for procreation. Considering the enormous passion and energy generated, and of course, the physical pleasure involved, people find it difficult to discuss such an intimate and personal part of their bedroom lives. Some religious groups believe sex is not meant to be pleasurable and only for procreation, yet human desire implies the contrary. Today billboards, television, newspapers, and magazines continue to display the human body in the most tantalizing way as commercial tools for their products. Daytime soap operas display enough bedroom sex scenes as routine behavior of loving couples, leaving few details to human imagination. Evidently, these daily love-scenes fire up the enormous power of human sexuality.

Hypocritically, we deny the reality of human sexual behavior; God forbid, we dare to think about it in the context of our spirituality. Ironically, sex has a spiritual component to it as well. Our denial of sexuality, as well as our inability to discuss it, precludes us from educating our children or understanding our own sexual behaviors. Sadly, sexual predators and perverts are utilizing this opportunity of society's denial of sexuality to victimize children. If we can understand and deal with our own sexuality, perhaps we can demystify the myths of our sexual behavior and bring the discussion out in the open. Hopefully, we will be able to educate our children and prevent them from being abused by sexual predators and perverts.

God & Sex Too: The Novel by Dr. Dean Dauw (Fort Dearborn Press, Chicago, 362 pages, $24.95) an ex-Catholic priest writes about his experiences hearing confessions and why sexual sin constitute a major portion of confessions. This interesting novel humanizes priests by showing them as capable of feeling intense sexual desire in their interactions with others. It brings out the reality of human emotion, passion, and sexuality.

The book defines crucial reasons that parents should learn to deal with their sexuality, and educate their children about the appropriateness of sexual behavior. He relates stories that demonstrate convincingly why celibacy should be banned from the oath of priests dealing with people's daily problems, including sex.

Dr. Dean Dauw gives clues about why our denial of sexuality has emotionally damaged us due to repressed sexual feelings and never learning acceptable sexual outlets. Within fiction, he candidly discuss the reality of human sexuality and the role of romantic relationship. (Dr. Dean Dauw, (312)-644-1920)

"Oh Thou Who Dwellest Among The Cherubs."

"God is a spirit; those who worship Him must worship him in spirit and in truth." This is one of the introits; a popular song with Anglican, Catholic, and other churches used to open worship or mass. From the volcanic eruptions tearing up hard rocks, burning heat of the sun, powerful thunders from heaven, roaring oceans, lighting of the night's darkness by the moon and the equilibrium of the earth's rotational axis are few pieces of evidence about the power of the Supreme Being. After seeing the manifestations of His power, including everyday little wonders from the water we drink, blowing winds, singing birds, and beautiful flowers, it is highly unnecessary to justify His existence.

There is Someone Out There by Yisrayl Hawkins (Books-A-Hoy Publishers, Inc. Abilene, TX., 382 pages, $24.95) the author of Can We Avoid The Next Holocaust? proves the existence of God beyond any human doubt. He offers many convincing arguments for God and His power. The book takes the reader through an amazing journey of both history and theology. It discusses the creation of man, his relationship with God and explanation about other creatures living above human existence. The author reveals who Lucifer or satan used to be and the relationship with God. He also discusses the signs of the time and the monumental events ahead.

Travelling through the universe with astonishing and shocking revelations will intrigue a reader immensely. A highly well-documented book with reference texts to support the information presented. Scarily, many of the documented prophecies made by Yahweh (God) through people have already come true, according to this impressive author.

There is Somebody Out There is more than a novel; it's a masterpiece of both history and theology.(Yisrayl Hawkins, (915) 672-9492)

Unlocking the Human Inner Spirituality for Healing

Emotional wounds are very crippling, as many of us who have had our share understand. Parent, spouse, co-worker, friend, or even a stranger might have wounded us severely -- many years later, hearts are still bleeding profusely. We remain a wounded animal for a long time when we refuse to heal or find healing grounds. It's like locking a person in a prison of self-created emotional barriers. After many years of piling these woes under the rug, explosion may occur ventilating such generated energy at other people -- mostly the wrong targets. Yet, we use the most convincing arguments to justify our actions sometimes without understanding the root causes of such hateful or satanic behavior. Next time you encounter a person who stays angry all the time and will not let go, only God knows the hell of battle the person is going through within.

In searching for healing grounds, we learn to unlock the negative energies within and become free to enjoy life again.

Reclaiming the Shadow Self: Facing the dark side in human consciousness by Christine Breese (Starlight Press, Rock Hall, 328 pages, $15.95) is a book written from a higher level of human spirituality to help people heal from emotional wounds buried inside them for years. The book contains 200 affirmations and 70 exercises to help people discover their spiritual healing potential. The author instructs as guided by her inner spiritual teaching. For example, she teaches that man is born to be innately good, contrary to the general notion that we are related to evil by the principles of our actions. "You are beings of light," says the author. She helps to break through the power of human spirituality and creativity and capture untapped resources (energies within). The book offers explanations to poorly understood human feelings and aspects of behavior. "You have great power tied into tragedy - - because tragedy is your power."

This is a very powerful book to help people discover the healing power of their spirituality without going to a psychic. When you finish reading this book, you will become your own psychic and stop wasting your money talking to people who hardly know you. Nobody knows you better than yourself. We are always too fearful to take that lonely journey into our inner spirituality.

Reclaiming the Shadow Self is an intriguingly reassuring book to help those suffering to find healing grounds. People must read this book to understand the powerful message inside. It is very unfair to the book and the author to try to utilize human words to completely seize the enormity of the inner energy ignited by this book. If you are still suffering from the negative power of emotional pain, this book is bond to be a cure.(Christine Breese, national digital pager- 1-(800)-503-6662. Booking company: Bliss Connection, (619)-435-0188 or (888)-762-5477).


Abend-94, written by Marc Ogle, is the second novel published by a woman under the cloak of a man's name, as George once did. This is an angry fantasy that uses famous Arizona leaders, IRA operatives, and a cop who makes our hero rich after he shot her son as operatives in this bizarre tale inspired by hurt.(Marc Ogle, (602)-461-8098, E. mail, oddmw@doitnow.com)

A Photo Journalist's Profile of the Nazi War and the Berlin Wall

This is an investigative photojournal by a free-lance foreign correspondent who documented with pictures after interviewing many people about the Nazi War and the major events of the time, including the Russian Revolution, and the fear of Communism.

Testimony of the Twentieth Century: Before and After the Berlin Wall, written by Marie Ueda, a photojournalist (M.I. Productions, San Francisco, 469 pages, with 80 photographs, $65.00). The beginning of this century witnessed the rise of Communism. Europe has experienced Communism's broadest expansion and influences, as well as its deterioration, and final expiration at the close of these 100 years.

This book was written from many interviews by the author focusing on the Nazi Wars --Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, the Third Reich, World War II, the meaning of the Holocaust and history of Jews, a divided Germany, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Unification of Germany, the failure of Russian Communism, and the end of the Cold War. Through firsthand narrative voices, this book explores the impact of the political, social, and psychological legacies of the Second World War.

Testimony of the Twentieth Century is a great historical book from the perspectives of a journalist and others. Every library should have a copy of this book.(Marie Ueda, (415)-474-3854)

The Power of Poetry

The most emotional times of our lives are the most creative times. These are also the times we need words of inspiration and affirmation. Words of poetry can help heal wounds and wipe away tears.

Soaring to New Heights on the Wings of Eagles by Carleen Franklin and Sarah LaPlant (Excelerators Publications, Okeechobee, FL., 112 pages, $9.00) is a collection of inspirational poems and affirmations by two impressive motivational speakers. They started by conducting seminars titled "The Best Is Yet To Be," helping people build personal power and self-confidence. These tools were developed through their processes of dealing with their own personal ordeals. The authors use similar interventions with other in their seminars using Albert Ellis's theory of cognitive therapy. They believe that feelings are based on thoughts, and if we can manage to change the thought patterns, we can change feelings and develop positive attitudes about life.

The words of affirmations are very inspiring indeed. The techniques of the speakers are partly based on the theory that if your mind can perceive it, your hopes and efforts and determination can sure help you to achieve it.

People who are very negative and pessimistic benefit greatly from the seminars and poems. These motivational speakers prove once again that, a person can lay a pathway for his own future because we each have the power and tools to control our destiny. We can talk ourselves to magnificent success.(Carleen Franklin & Sarah LaPlant, Excelerator Speaking Professionals, (800)-232-5350).

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