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Book Review V

Time For Vacation on the Rocky Mountains

Having worked very hard all year, are you bored and thinking of a vacation? Thinking about vacation is very refreshing, but looking for a place to hide for the duration can sometimes be a very frustrating experience. Some people decided to end your frustration by giving you a road map to a wonderful vacation experience.

Colorado Cabins, Lodges, & Country B&Bs written by Hilton and Jenny Fitt-Peaster, (Rocky Mountain Vacation Publishing, Inc., 278 pages, $17.95) is a helpful directory of Colorado's wonderful cabins, cottages, lodges and country bed and breakfast resorts. The authors have spent entire summers visiting many of these areas for the past nine years. In 1988, they founded the Colorado Cabin Resort and Lodge Association, which merged with the Colorado Campground Association in 1991 to become the Colorado Association of Campgrounds, Cabins, & Lodges. Both authors served as the association's executive directors for nearly twenty years.

The book gives the reader a beautifully illustrated guided tour of different vacation areas in Colorado. It's a very helpful directory for those looking for a vacation spot in Colorado.(Hilton & Jenny Fitt-Peaster, (800)-886-9343)

Battle Against Food Allergies

Too many preservatives, dyes, chemicals, and some plants can create a dangerous food or outdoor allergy response for some people. Food can cause allergy response in some people resulting in anaphylactic reaction that may be life threatening. Somebody decided to wage war against food allergies and won.

The Feel Good Food Guide by Deborah Page Johnson (New Page Productions, Inc., Naperville, Illinois, 188 pages, $18.95) is a collection of recipes and variations free of sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy, soy, and most common food allergens. Her story started with her experience with a sick child suffering from allergies. Johnson developed ways to cook and prepare food for her son to avoid allergic reactions. "Eat to live; don't live to eat," says Deborah Johnson. The author is sharing her collection, with people to help them cook healthy food and also shed some pounds. She also gives some tips on living a healthy lifestyle, perhaps using less medication to control some common allergy illnesses.

This book is lavishly illustrated and has excellent directions on how to cook and prepare some of these wonderful recipes. Her tips will make you healthy, especially if you have serious food allergies that require a drastic change of lifestyle and eating habits. It's a very excellent book for those with food allergies.(Deborah Page Johnson, (630)-495-7755)

Finally: An Answer to Middle-Life Crisis

When we are supposed to be celebrating life, we may plunge into boredom and sometimes depression. At the prime of life, the monotony of everyday life may be boring including people around us. This is the peak time that divorce tends to occur because of the nature of humanity. We're easily bored by monotony, so our minds start to wander in the wilderness of lust called fantasies. After eating the same food, sleeping with the same person, and being around the same people for many years, one might think, "My God I need a change." People therefore go out on journeys of self-discovery and in many situation suck in more trouble than they started with. Oh! Yah! Go on and have fun, baby, get a boyfriend! Get a girlfriend! --- tomorrow, the weeping dog will be crushed in a corner begging for mercy for losing the original gold piece. Some people are lucky, after wondering in the wilderness of lust, the old lover takes them back. Others, not so lucky, end up with great regrets when the excitement has gone out of novelty and they can no longer go home--- the old lover's passion was already captivated by somebody with some sense. Old Joe can therefore feel unloved and unwanted just because his wife did not wait for him to get over his foolishness. "I'm a changed person now, I want to settle down, please take me back." "Oh, no Joe," said the ex-wife standing in front of the door (next to her new lover) in a house where he used to live. "You had your chance, and you threw it to the dogs. Now, I'm waiting for my child support check." Joe, looked around to be sure the child support police officers are nowhere around, and there he took off and vanished into the quiet night like lightening. Far too common a situation today to even think about. The answer to middle-life crisis is the discovery of the inner spirituality.

Banished --- From the Sandbox by Jay (Inspiration House, Vero Beach, FL., 301pages, $19.95) takes the reader on a journey of spiritual discovery through the author's experience with life. According to the author, not money, but spreading love and getting in touch with our spiritual self is his purpose. The book is like a college course in self discovery, as we learn to surrender after going through painful experiences or being broken down by life challenges. Readers will learn to face their fears and become stronger after the ordeals are over. The author relates very strongly that, the most powerful instrument of healing is within us as the spiritual self in contrast to the physical body. Everything we do for the body is selfish, while everything we do for the spirit is universally good.

Banished --- From the Sandbox is a book about spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, we don't appreciate what we have until we lose it. The power of going through negative and painful experiences tends to ignite in us a spiritual defense mechanism. This process is usually understood by those who have traveled along that pathway. This is a very good book for those looking for ways to discover their inner strength through spirituality.( Jay's contact person, Kim Locksley, (801)-567-0707)

Dealing with Life's Challenge---Dealing with Anger

When I walked out of a hospital in the county of St. Louis as a former laboratory night supervisor, I was wounded beyond what I could express. Later, I discovered I had surrendered myself to the degradation brought on by the job. Prior to that time, life was not worth much because vacation days were time to think about what might go wrong on the job while I was away. Sure they were going to blame it on me while I was away. That was hoe unhealthy my working environment was at that time. There was no longer peace of mind. Every moment was consumed worrying about the next tricks the departmental head, some supervisors and even employees were playing -- they call it office politics. I call it madness! I have no passion for such wasted energies on office politics over egos, gossips, unnecessary competition and personal conflicts.

We have to cut people down to bare bone, and these machines have to run themselves! Invisible forces have to draw blood and bring it to the laboratory, and at a point and time we should be able to run the entire lab by a single employee who is not human, of course, but a machine -- these were the thoughts of the people administering over the hospital at that time. Cutting help to save money is understood, but how ridiculous do we want to get? Nobody seems to care, and the trend is still going on across the country, and the handwriting for great hospital disasters is on the wall. The stress generated by administrative pressure to reduced staff and save money generated many personal conflicts and many people were emotionally hurt.

Overcoming the Invisible Crime by 'Yinka Vidal (Lara Publications, St. Louis, 352 pages, $19.99) is the painful story of a laboratory supervisor, abused and violated by an unstable departmental head who almost forces him to commit murder. The author was very angry with the evil and the hate with which he was treated. In his emotional recovery, he learned to hurt, learned to heal, and learned to overcome his emotional pain. He re-channeled his talent to another successful profession as a journalist. The story was very painful to write, and the reader will find the book very interesting. It also exposes the unpredictable nature of human behavior. From reading about other people's tragedies, we learn to draw strength from their painful experiences.('Yinka Vidal, (800)-599-7313.

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