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Synopsis for Unnatural Attachment by Simon Moses

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Unnatural Attachment is Simon Moses' second collection of riveting poetry following 1999's cataclysmic Alone: A Poetic Journey Into Despair.  The alchemy symbol for "decomposition" on the cover of the book heralds Unnatural Attachment's  central theme: that when human being s attach themselves to other people in unhealthy relationships, their entire beings state to decompose.  The book incorporates seven years of Moses' poetry from 1994-2001.  Irrational bursts of optimism interspersed with one existentialist crisis after another makes for a swirling, twisting, maelstrom of verse. 

        It opens with the plaintive cry for terrestrial love with the beautiful poem "Help Me," and ends with the resounding declaration of trust in the inevitable love of God in "I Shall Be Released."   In between dances a whirlwind of frenetic verses that are sometimes shocking, sometimes horrifying, other times breathtakingly coy and sweet, but always unforgettable.   There is lyrical perfection of "Silence," the vitriolic rage of "I Hate You," the exploration of psychosis in "I Want To Be Your Poet."   Poem after poem, utter chaos reigns, but there is also a beseeching and unmistakable desire for the promised land of order.

   Unnatural Attachment (as well as the poet's first book) can be purchased online from www.1stbooks.com, www.amazon.com, and www.barnesandnoble.com . It can also be ordered through your local bookstore.

Sample Poem by Simon Moses


Help Me!

Help me as I lie here all broken and bleeding and lonely:

So desperately in need of the knowledge that someone

Out there in the vast, dismal reaches of this cold world,

Is thinking of me tonight-

Is holding me close to her heart tonight.

Help me to regain my lost innocence and 

To find my missing laughter.

Will you please help to find

The soft and delicate things

That I know exist,

But have been unable to find on my own?

Help me to see the world

Just a little bit brighter - just a little kinder.

Give me the means to life the

Veil of all-pervasive darkness that has always

Clung tenaciously to my beleaguered being.

Help me when the nights are so cheerless,

And I lie here aching with only you

Indelibly etched upon my wounded consciousness.

Oh will you help me to love today,

And to thank God for all the good things?

All-the-while leading my crucified senses

Away from the oh-so-many bad things?

Will you help me when I'm crying,

And stem the raging flood of tears, when they

Threaten to blind me to all else but

MY own binding sadness?

I think that you just may,

I sincerely think that you just might,

Be the one to bathe me in Heaven's light.

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