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Absolute Responsibility, Strict Accountability

by Thomas C. Fairley

Author Spotlight - Thomas C. Fairley

Each of us, at one time or another, has felt cheated by the government.  Many of us have perhaps even dreamt of enacting some sort of revenge on the government.   Thomas C. Fairley has done just that in this book, Absolute Responsibility, Strict Accountability, published by 1stBooks Library in November 2000.

In this political thriller, wrought with dark humor, a dying woman angered by the sloth and corruption of Congress puts into motion a deadly plan that will forever change the way the government treats its citizens.  By training ordinary citizens in the art of assassination, she creates an army that will be used, among other things, to take out the highest-ranking official of the IRS. And, boy, do they ever take her out... but at what price?

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Absolute Responsibility, Strict Accountability is a bold approach to the problems that U.S. citizens face everyday the hands of government, and is sure to bring a big, fat devilish grin to the face of the reader.

Thomas C. Fairley retired in 1995, and soon after started a house cleaning business.  Inundated by government red tape, he sold the business and went to work  on Absolute Responsibility, Strict reside.

He also spends time raising funds for the local sea turtle hospital.

U.S. Congress & Lobbyists: Public enemy #1!: The final solution err answer. A Political thriller, deadly serious & sometimes Quite Hilarious 

North Topsail beach, North Carolina - It's payback time in Washington, D.C. North Carolina resident Thomas C. Failey's new book Absolute Responsibility, Strict Accountability (available in hardback, paperback, and electronic formats from 1stbooks Library and fine book stores everywhere) delivers, in the traditions of O'Henry and Geoffrey Chaucer, a political thriller with a bold approach to the number one problem citizens have today.  Their own government.

    A dying woman worth billions hatches a plot to change to the way Congress deal with gun legislation, managed health care, farmers, the banking industry, displaced workers from downsizing and especially Lobbyist.

    Ordinary citizens who lost children and spouses to drive-by shooters, or family to uncaring health care provider, or who suffered direct contact with (as named) "the Infernal Revenue Dis-Service" are all recruited and trained to become final solutions.

    What they accomplish right under the noses of the FBI, and then what happens to them post-killings, is a gripping and sometimes hilarious story.  Book reviewer Mureil St. John wrote: "[This book] is gallows humor at its finest, a genre that is difficult to write and carry off. ...you'll like this story.  It's outrageous.'  The book's cover features this year's Pulitzer winning political cartoon drawn by Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader. U.S. Senator from Kentucky, Jim Bunning, is surrounded by huge bags of cash.  The little delivery guy points to the outline of a body on the floor and says: "Another load of gun-lobby cash, Senator -- Just sign on the dotted line."

    In 1995, Fairley retired from a scholarly life and moved to a resort community in North Carolina.  There, He created a house cleaning company called Dirt Busters.  But the tax and re-tax system in our country put him out of business.   After paying state, federal, FICA, country and local taxes, paying wages, workman's compensation, insurance and suppliers, he realized everyone else was getting paid except him.  He bought a computer and wrote Absolute Responsibility, Strict Accountability.   Today he researches real estate titles for his wife's law firm and tries to raise funds for the local sea turtle hospital.  He's also hard at work on his next book.

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